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Tag: Real estate

Elderly Housing Starše

Location: Starše (46°27’51.9″N 15°46’11.4″E)
Sector: Elderly Homes
Description/Use cases: The project can be built in 5 phases. The envisaged phases are open for negotiations with the investor.
Phase: The project has confirmed spatial plan. The project and development plan has been confirmed by the municipality council.
Investment vol.: 17,7 mio EUR
Est. NET profit: n/a
Type of investment: Buyer of the whole project and land or Partial investor (Public Private Partnership).
Contact: Invest Podravje

Business Centre – Hoče

Location: Hoče, Municipality Hoče-Slivnica (46°29’54.3″N 15°38’49.2″E)
Sector: Trade/Real estate
Description/Use cases: The Municipality of Hoče-Slivnica is interested Business Centre in Hoče. Business Centre should include shoping mall, business offices, offices for the use of municipality of Hoče, offices suitable for carrying out health-care activities (dentist, physiotherapy…)
Phase: It is expected that the conceptual project is made by investor in cooperation with municipality.
Investment vol.: n/a
Est. NET profit: n/a
Type of investment: Private Public Partnership with the Municipality of Hoče – Slivenica.
Contact: Invest Podravje