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Tag: Technology

IT solutions at FlawlessCode

One of our newest LSBC members is FlawlessCode an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! Continue reading to find out what they have to say about their successful business!

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Skylabs got a MOS golden award

Skylabs took a part in 51st MOS exhibition for the third time in a row and won its golden award! The exhibition is one of the biggest and the most prominent fair trade event for this part of Europe. The meeting of about 1500 exhibitors from 35 countries, as well as 125000 visitors, gives a unique business opportunity.

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Blockchain Innovation in European Union


European Blockchain Association

Several European countries have signed a pact on a European Blockchain Association. As a result, this will be a pact which would serve as a vehicle between these states to exchange experiences; and also to prepare for the launch of Blockchain applications on a larger scale.

Hence, Europe continues to play a leading role in the development of this new technology on a global scale.

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WHEELY – the electric vehicle for disabled people

The electric vehicle WHEELY has been developed on basis of years of experiences of developing different kind of vehicles

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Xavier Buck, the founder of Eurodns.com and Datacenter discusses chall ...

(News in French) Nous avons demandé à Xavier Buck quels étaient, selon lui, les défis du secteur ICT luxembourgeois pour l’année 2017.  – Par ITnation

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Slovenian team wins Mars Express mission extension contest

A team of Slovenian researchers from the Jožef Stefan Institute has won a European Space Agency (ESA) competition, whose aim it was to find ways to extend the mission of the Mars Express, which has been in orbit around the red planet for twelve years.

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New technological superlative by Pipistrel – hydrogen powered plane

Pipistrel from Ajdovščina, in cooperation with three partners from Germany, is developing the first plane powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery system, with water as the only waste product. It can be considered a technological and ecological superlative, as it is the first plane without any harmful emissions.

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52% of Mobile Device Users in Luxembourg use Mobile Banking

ING International Survey examined how consumers shop and perform bank transactions online. The study’s country ranking shows that the number of Luxembourg mobile device users ranked third at 52%, after those in the Netherlands (63%) and the UK (55%).

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Prime Minister Promises 1 Gbit/s Connection Everywhere by 2020 in Talk ...

The Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Houlin Zhao, paid a working visit to Luxembourg. Discussions focused on the Luxembourg strategy for ultra-broadband and the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative.

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SES announces the completion of the capital raising to fund the acquis ...

SES completes EUR 908.8 million capital raising to fund move to 100 % of O3b networks and acceleration of commercial and financial synergies. 

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