The highlight of 2019: A trade mission between Luxembourg and Slovenia

December of 2019 found the Luxembourg – Slovenian Business Club in one of its highlight moments of the year: A trade mission from Luxembourg to Slovenia took place from the 10th to the 12th of December, combined with Italy, with the purpose of strengthening the economic and business relations between the markets.

The delegation, consisting of high profile participants from different business fields and organisations, attended multiple meetings and company visits during the event.
A full schedule of 3 days allowed the participants to take a close look at the local business and economic reality in a variety of fields, from science to the production of local goods. Above all, this mission helped create the ground on which stronger partner relations can be built, fulfilling the purpose and reflecting the values of LSBC.

“In the ever more digitalized world where the quality of information is becoming redundant and the
information flood is making it practically unverifiable, LSBC is building on the personal touch of
1on1 meetings, growing a community with real engagement and winning–by-sharing mentality.”
~ Iztok Petek, Natasa Zajec, Co-Organisers

The Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club stands for the future, and by co-organising this event, alongside Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, they aimed at proving just how important it is to invest in the times ahead while keeping a balance between the traditional and modern ways of communication in business.
For the Introduction of the Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Forum event, Ante Milevoj, Director of the International Relations Department of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, discussed the grea political relations between the two countries, while Ms. Helena Schlamberger from SPIRIT Slovenia and Ms. Edith Stein of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce encouraged the cooperation between companies, highlighting the great opportunities offered by both markets.
“It is always good to go back to the oldfashioned face-to-face interactions and to have an introduction meeting 1on1. Based on our experience you can discover opportunities that exist on the global market easier and faster this way. And this is surely an added value that will happen, and it is already happening today at this business forum – our event today.”
~ Ante Milevoj, Director, International Relations Department, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

“Since joining the EU, Slovenia has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy pro- European partner, as well as a “voice of reason” in favor of further and deeper integration of the EU. That is how we see Slovenia in Luxembourg.
To progress on the trade side the two countries could partner up in the sectors of ICT, space, health tech, automotive and more intense cooperation between research institutions should be promoted. The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce would be honored by a visit of a delegation from Slovenia to present its business opportunities and the possibilities of cooperation on site.”

~ Edith Stein, Senior Adviser, International Affairs, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

“Slovenia produces a considerable number of products and services that are present in the most prestigious global brands. Luxembourg should use more Slovenian products and services in order to enhance its competitiveness. Slovenia and Luxembourg share the same values, this is expressed to date through joint dialogue and political actions. Economically this mission has made the members of the delegation aware of a number of Slovenia’s performances, this is the basis for a better economical collaboration for the future. Let’s make it happen!”
~ Roland Streber, Honorary Consul of Slovenia in Luxembourg and CEO of ProNewTech S.A.

The Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club is beyond honoured to have hosted a successful trade mission and to have created the basis of powerful collaborations which will ensure a greater future for the relations between Luxembourg and Slovenia.

Realising the needs of today’s fast-paced modern world, LSBC focuses on developing a remote- working mindset, using technology and co-working spaces, while at the same time encouraging 1on1 meetings and events like the trade mission of December 2019, which will help with the networking and strengthen the personal and professional relations of anyone and everyone involved in business.

“A recent successfully co-organized economic trade mission from Luxembourg to Slovenia has again confirmed LSBC beliefs when talking about systematical ways to connect SMEs in forms of pre-scheduled b2b meetings, information exchange and the significance of collaboration between small countries such as Slovenia and Luxembourg has proved to be more symmetrical than with big countries. We will keep focusing on small-sized, well-prepared events, quality instead of quantity, and enabling effective internationalization of SMEs and freelancers. LSBC’s ambition is to contribute to the shaping of the enterprise of the future and will thus especially focus on remote co-working communities and systematically promote and support the growth of coworking spaces and the bigger density of such services in urban areas. We are inviting same-minded professionals and companies, who are willing to invest their marketing budget for new ways of doing business and for internationalization to join us.”
~ Iztok Petek, Natasa Zajec, Co-Organisers