The Luxembourg Internet Days 2018

The 5th edition of the Luxembourg Internet Days event took place on November 13 and on November 14. In the past, LSBC organised an event about cybersecurity (which is a topic of this event)

November 13

On the first day, Mr. Sikkut shared the nation’s views on the demand for cybersecurity at the state level. On the same day, industry experts such as Kentik, Netscout or Cybexer also held interactive discussions on how security layers can be grouped together to continue protecting against evolving threats. Similarly, CIRCL experts conducted an open workshop to help professionals strengthen cybersecurity knowledge.

Also, the afternoon of 13 November ended with the Luxembourg Network Operators Group (LUNOG). The LUNOG initiative aims to be a community to promote people working for ICT in Luxembourg.

November 14

The second day focused on cloud security. Companies like AWS shared their vision of different levels of security.

On the other hand, the workshop given by the law firm MNKS that allowed attendees to ask any questions and share experiences was also highlighted.

Similarly, Luxembourg House of Fintech (LHoFT) hosted a 2-hour open session. In this session companies from the financial sector asked questions about IT.

In summary, it was a fifth edition of the event that was more than successful and left very good impressions to its attendees, who expressed their desire to continue carrying out future editions in the coming years.

Previously, LSBC had already echoed this event in our previous article, which detailed the program for both days.