The tourist resort Klevevž

The aim of the project is to create a representative and unique tourist resort for providing top-quality services. The Municipality of Šmarješke Toplice is known as a health spa municipality and a well-known tourist area where there is considerable potential for the development of world-class tourism.

Location: Klevevž (45°54’24.5″N 15°13’59.6″E) (Municipality of Šmarješke Toplice)

Sector: Real estate, tourism

Phase: In recent years, the municipality has sorted out the infrastructure, adopted a spatial planning act, prepared the conceptual design for the area and brought together various local partners, thus taking the project to a point where a private investor can be brought in.

Description: The project encompasses a five-star hotel (approx. 11,300 m2 in size with about 150 rooms), with suites and luxurious apartments -the hotel section will include a modern Wellness Spa centre , restoration of the nearby castle centre and holiday apartments that are located in the surrounding area, which has a rich history and precious natural and cultural heritage. As part of another project, a centre for organic food production is also envisaged for the surrounding area; the centre, along with other local food growers, should provide comprehensive and sufficient locally sourced services.

Investment vol.: 33.5m EUR + tax

Exp. Time ROI: 7,06% annually

Type of investment:The tourist resort implementation will be funded by a private investor, who will also become the owner of the entire resort. The implementation of the castle centre project may also be possible in the form of a public-private partnership. The setting up of the nearby Biotechnology and Tourism Centre will be financed by Grm Novo mesto – the Centre of Biotechnology and Tourism.

Contact: Razvojni center
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