Unique business model – allowing customers to become shareholder / owners

Many people will only ever dream of owning their own pub but for 200 trusting investors in Luxembourg, this dream has become a reality. On Thursday, the shareholders were able to see how their money was invested at the launch of new Luxembourg tribal bar Zulu Blanc in the Rives de Clausen.

“I don’t know anybody else who has used this concept in Luxembourg. It’s a mix of crowdfunding and being a real shareholder. It’s a business model that’s a bit unique,” explained Zulu Blanc manager Steve Darne, who came up with the concept with his business partners in February this year. Shares were initially floated at a price of 37.50 euros with a ceiling placed on the number of shares an investor could purchase. Interested investors, meanwhile, were vetted by the management team. More via https://www.wort.lu/en/business/zulu-blanc-the-luxembourg-pub-that-belongs-to-its-punters-56053d240c88b46a8ce60ef5