Content marketing

What is content marketing?

Although Content Marketing is one of the most fashionable online marketing disciplines to attract our target, it’s not exactly something that was recently invented. Twelve years ago.

Content marketing could be defined as a marketing technique for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and attract the attention of a defined target audience, with the aim of propelling them to be future customers.

Key Content Marketing Challenges

We could resume it in 4 aspects:

1) Produce sufficient content
2) Produce good content
3) Get budget
4) Variety of content

Why do content marketing to attract our target?

We do it to:

1) Improve your brand image
2) It allows you to generate direct and close relationships with users.
3) It is cheaper and more profitable
4) Improve your search engine rankings
5) It makes you inevitably think about your users.


In short, traditional marketing talks to people, content marketing talks to them.

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