Why Do You Need To Open Your Own Startup?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Starting a new small business is not a small decision. It requires effort and time, strategic planning, and steel nerves. Stress is, of course, inevitable, as is this terrible feeling of uncertainty. Entrepreneurship has always been a way out with prospects for development, progress, and professional development. Today in many countries, entrepreneurship is seen as a solution to the problem of employment and tackling unemployment. That is why there are strong mobility and interest in starting new startup companies.

Introduction: What Is A Startup?

Start-Up is a temporary organization formed for the purpose of rapid growth, using an iterative and scalable business model. Otherwise, the start-up business is a company designed to grow fast. A common feature of the two definitions is the growth rate of the company. If we fill in the term innovative then, we end up with the basic features of a Start-Up. This type of business, although already several decades old, has recently come to the fore again due to the recent international crisis, and in fact, for most markets is undergoing re-research and development.

As reported by the National Federation of Independent Business study made in 2019, 30% of American small businesses think that it is a good time now to expand. The NFIB’s May 2019 survey shows that the confidence in startups and small businesses has reached record-high levels. Surveyed businesses expect to expand operations, boost capital spending, and increase sales.

Main Steps For Opening Startup

Undoubtedly, the beginning is extremely difficult, and most of the paths are unknown, and that is why many companies never achieve what they actually desire. It is easy to say I will build a business and make it work perfectly. The hardest part is getting started. The beginning is the most important. So, here are the main steps for opening a startup company.

Firstly, you should create a clear business plan by defining your growth strategy. So, having an idea is not enough you should also have a strategic plan about your company’s future in written form. Secondly, try to find appropriate financial resources. So, you should have adequate capital in order to start and cover the expenses. Thirdly, look for the right people. Obviously, you will need some help from your networking. These days it is a must to be present on social media networks as well as having an appropriate website. For that reason, you will need to become a marketing expert and do research on the digital marketing field. Also, you will need to create a customer base in order to have effective customer service. Last but not least prepare for everything and expect the unexpected (Patel, 2020).

The Benefits of Opening An Startup

So, there are a lot of advantages to having your own business. One of them is that by starting your own startup automatically you are becoming your own boss therefore, you also become the controller of your destiny. Despite that, you become a financially independent person, as well as you, are having the freedom to work, design, create, build in your preferable way. Also, candidates who possess excellent interpersonal skills are essential for building your business. Last but not least is the freedom of hiring and selecting your dream team (Rogerson Kenny Business Accountants, 2018).


To sum up, one point should be clear: Starting your own business will help you to develop and expand your knowledge on the subject of work. Not because this can not be done in a normal job that you would work as an employee, or any other, but anyway, now you will have to do it in order for your business to succeed.

If you think that a job as an employee does not suit you, dare to build your dream job. Remember who dares wins!


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