Why remote work is becoming very common, advantages and most used tools

Nowadays, many employees do their work remotely whether a job interview, answering emails, business meetings and more. Remote work is now possible thanks to high-speed internet connection and development in remote work tools. Due to this a lot of companies opt for remote work. Both employees and companies benefit from cost reduction advantage. There will be less stress during work and employees could travel while accomplishing their daily work and tasks. For that, companies gain a competitive advantage while opting for such a strategy.

What are the advantages of remote work:

Cost reduction: Working remotely reduces costs for both employees and employers. For employers, there will be a reduction in expenses related to offices and facilities in the company. Moreover, employees are not obliged to rent a house close to the company or pay for transport.

More applicants for your job offer: Offering a remote work position or possibility to work remotely for your future employees will increase the number of applicants and will motivate them to apply. They can choose to travel or to stay in their home town while working in your company.

Remote work is very convenient for start-up and freelancers: Freelancers prefer to work remotely so they can work for other projects once work is accomplished. They look for flexible hours and want to be freer. Remote work can secure that.  Moreover, start-ups do not care whether the work is done in the office or at home the most important is that tasks are accomplished on time. For this reason, they want to hire remote workers.

Better working conditions: employees working remotely feel better working conditions and better work balance. Remote employees see improvement in their health condition and long-run productivity.

However, remote work requires proper use of different tools available whether they are free or paid.

Skype Business: Offers many features to do your meetings, job interviews, and communicate easily with your employees. All calls are secure thanks to call encryption and authentication.

Trello: Trello is an excellent tool for task management and project management. Trello use cards to organize workflow. This tool improves communication between employees and superiors.

Lastpass: Secure access to different platforms is also important for your employees you can use Lastpass google extension to allow your employees to have access to all used tools.

As you can see remote work is becoming very easy and practical thanks to development in used tools. Now, most companies are thinking to implement remote work in their business in order to reduce costs and follow the trend.

Messai Mohamed, MBA student