Why you should encourage your employees to take more initiative.

Allowing employees to take initiative in the workplace is now a topic of conversation more than ever before. What are the benefits of showing some extra trust to the people who work for you? How can you and your business grow from that? Find out the answers to these questions by reading this article.

In the world of business, decisions need to be made on a daily basis. Some are more important than others, and yet in many cases, the policy companies follow is to have all employees report to their superiors for everything. This practice can prove quite problematic and hold the business back for a series of reasons.

Why is lack of initiative problematic for your business?

First of all, not allowing your employees to take the lead in less significant scenarios slows down the process of decision making and dealing with tasks. Trusting some of your best employees with making the right decisions for you will speed it all up and potentially help the company’s performance, all the while taking some weight off your shoulders.

Allowing your employees to take the lead will also make them feel more responsible, valued and appreciated within the company itself. People who feel that way are more likely to invest more of their energy into their work and, thus, to perform better. Allow the people who work in business to feel like they are important to you and like they are making a difference by offering their time and skills to your company.

Risky as allowing employees to take initiative may seem, the potential benefits make it worth a shot. Start by asking some of your more experienced employees to make small decisions, like posting a Social Media post without showing them to you first, or responding to a simple, usual client request without your consultation. You’ll soon see them feel more important and responsible and that will be reflected in their work. Be honest with them, explain what your expectations are and watch their performance improve.