Handmade products, with respect to Slovenian tradition and nature.

Slovenian company Petris, that operates under brand names Xmas3 and Xmas, was established for the production and marketing of products of Slovenian origin, primarily for global markets. Under brand names Xmas3 and Xmas you can find mainly hand made products, manufactured with tradition and in harmony with nature. More about companies offer you can learn on www.xmas3.eu 

In our story we are involving, connecting and uniting many successful small and medium-sized Slovenian companies. Our flagship products are Xmas3 – easy assembled, simple wooden Christmas tree, with crafts and skills and in traditional manner we designed Slovenian gingerbread, superior and handmade glass ornaments, ornaments of Idrija lace and many more.

Our company employs two full-time employees and 15 contract partners, all in hope that the quality and visibility of our products will be recognized all over the world. In a very short time, we started to export our products virtually on all continents.

Our products are of high quality, designed for demanding customers and can serve different purposes; from business and protocol gifts as well as for personal needs.

Petris d.o.o.

Cesta na Laze 12

Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia

+386 41 697 260


Primož Sedej, MBA