Press Archive: 2016

LSBC in the Media

TST, Winter 2016

“Encouraging news recently published in the media indicates that possibly six high-tech companies are considering investing in Slovenia.”

The Slovenia Times, 2016 Winter Edition

TST, November 2016

“When banks digitalise, they often focus all their attention to IT part, but digitalisation also applies also to processes, culture, people and a new way of management.”

The Slovenia Times, November 2016 Article

TST, Autumn 2016

“Some say the most important task for all US presidents is promoting the US brand – whenever they can and as well as they can”

The Slovenia Times, 2016 Autumn Edition

The Chronicle, October 2016

Luxembourg to Meet Slovenian Fintech Ecosystem

The Chronicle, Oct. 2016

Letzebuerger Journal, October 2016

“Les solutions FinTech slovenes pourraient aussi servir le Grand-Duche”

TST, Summer 2016

25 years later: Where to invest, and who to attract

The Slovenia Times, 2016 Summer Edition

TST, May 2016

We’re not aware of many opportunities – because of our traditional focus on neighbouring large economies?

The Slovenia Times, Spring 2016

TST, Spring 2016

“Our new fast-forward world makes for fast-forward changes”

The Slovenia Times, 2016 Spring Edition

NLB, February 2016

“In the process of digitalization the companies most frequently get caught in the information technology, but in fact, digitalization covers processes, culture, people, it requires a new management approach, and affects the most important element of all – customer relations.”

B2B Digitalisation: Joint European Perspective – a cultural, not a technical change