3 TED Talks by Powerful Business Women to Inspire and Motivate you

By Millena Kapamann

TED Talks remain in spreading ideas by using short and powerful speeches. The organisation took place in 1984, and since then, it has been covering diverse subjects, diverse disciplines.

They say that you only learn from the bests. Thus, we choose three powerful and impactful TED Talks created by women to see which kind of wisdom we can gain from them.

1- The career advice you probably didn’t get — Susan Colantuono

In the workplace, we often hear that people will try everything in their power to achieve goals but still struggle with gaining the recognition and promotion they deserve. The problem is, statistically, the mindset might be putting women at a disadvantage. Susan Colantuono, the CEO and founder of “Leading Women”, discusses the causes why credit in the workplace does not manifest itself as we wanted it to.

Many people believe that they can not leave this situation. But what they truly need to understand is how to overcome this mindset to achieve success. You will have to be recognised for your leadership qualities and displaying the greatness to achieve financial goals to move up. In this inspiring TED Talk, Susan Colantuono discusses things more deeply.

2- An interview with the queen of Creole Cuisine — Leah Chase & Pat Mitchell

Imagine owning a legacy and a place where even the most impactful civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr did find fulfilment? By facing this scenario, the head chef Leah Chase became known for creating a safe place restaurant teaches us the importance of humanity. Leah Chase is seen as a hard worker, achieving many goals but still spreading love.

This TED talk shows why humanity teaches us what to bring into the world and maintain it. There is an assumption that work should necessarily be about hardworking behaviours, but we need to be careful not to overvalue it instead of humanity.

3- How vulnerability makes you a better leader — Tracy Young

There is a strong belief that embracing our feminity at the workplace will lead to an ineffective and incompetent worker. But, what happens when we decide to adopt this fact instead of repressing it? Here is a thought: it is possible to embrace that part of yourself and still find the balance at work. Generally speaking, society tends to mistake vulnerability with weakness, even if they are two different things.

By sharing her story, Tracy Young teaches us that there are more relevant things unrelated to your work life. But still, it does not mean you are an inefficient leader. Being a good leader does not necessarily mean showing your physical strength; but rather finding the inner strength not to be afraid of you, being a woman. Inspiring confidence, being trustworthy while being vulnerable and honest with your feelings is what truly matters. Watch the TED talk here.