4 Tips to Reflect Your Eagerness in a Job Interview

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

Job interviews are probably the most frightening part of the hiring process. You can have an outstanding résumé with lots of precious experiences. However, one missing thing might lead you to lose your dream job. If you are wondering what that missing thing could be, it’s your “eagerness”.


I would like to start my article by sharing one of my conversations with a friend. She had an amazing CV along with a number of relevant internships and projects. On top of that she had graduated from her university with distinction. Besides, she had acquired the relevant knowledge.

Everything was great until that point, but the end was not that great. Despite her qualifications, I always used to hear that she didn’t get the job. After a while, she realised that the only thing she was lacking was demonstrating her eagerness about the job.

If you have the same problem and would really like to show how eager you are to get the job, I have some tips just for you!

1) Begin with “Why”

I am sure that your CV is great and relevant to lots of previous job experiences. Yet, they only show “what” you did, not “why” you did. Instead of saying what you previously did, try saying why you did them and chose the jobs or activities that you had. If asked to elaborate, you could also mention the impacts of the activities that you chose.

Therefore, the reasons will not only show your eagerness but also to get the attention of employers. They really need an employee who is eager to do that job.

2) Hobbies Matter – Share Them!

What do hobbies have to do with reflecting eagerness? Well, it has a lot! If you are passionate about the job you are applying for, I am sure you have some hobbies regarding it.

Moreover, your hobbies spread and surround your life with all aspects. They will mold you and reveal what you are really interested in. Eventually, you will know why you applied for the job because it has already been one of your hobbies.

Hobbies will your eagerness about the job and they will identify you. In the end, employers will know you better and realize your motivation. Hence, don’t hesitate to share them all along!

3) Tell about Your Extra Time Activities

Everyone says that you have to be intelligent, hardworking, and easy to achieve to be a suitable candidate and get the job. However, the sad news is… not really. I am not denying the importance of being smart and hardworking, yet if you really want to get the job you need to reflect much more than that.

You can be all of the above. That’s great! Yet, the employers will look much deeper; thus, try to be that “more”. You will as yourself how to be “more”, the answer is simple. “Mention what you did in your extra time.” If you go beyond what you are asked, that will make the interviewers more interested in you. Besides, you will reflect on how eager you are combined with your hard work and intelligence.

Dive beyond your hobbies, tell the employers how you invest in your extra time. Then you will turn into an exceptional candidate, and the efforts you have made in your spare time will pay off. If you have invested your extra time through the activities related to the job, it is even better to show your eagerness. So, get ready to be hired!

4) Tell Them about Your Volunteering Experiences

Here we are, the last tip from me will be about your volunteering experiences. If you have the eagerness about something, you can even do something that is not really related to your job or spare time activities, and that is perfectly normal, even better!

Your volunteering experiences will help you in that part. Tell the employers about them, and how they affected your life. I mean, tell them your life experiences that can have an impact on your job interview.

For example, you might have volunteered in a refugee camp or such and you might have confronted an issue regarding the implementation of rules. Then, even it is not part of your duty, you might have found a solution to it. Mention it! This can be your time to shine, even if you have worked for free, you will realize the significance. Hence, your eagerness will once again shine like a gem since you have already done something, helped someone, or figured problems out because of your eagerness, and that is priceless.

You are priceless.


Job interviews can be frustrating, even if you have the perfect CV. Well, that one will not be enough to be hired. Your eagerness means a lot, do not ignore your passion. It will pave your way towards your dream job, and you will be the ideal candidate. The point is how to reflect your eagerness to be one of the employees.

4 tips will help you reflect your enthusiasm, practice them at some point. Your hobbies, volunteering experiences, why you have chosen to do something previously, and your investments in your extra-time matter. Tell about them, share them, do not be afraid.

Show how passionate you are, reflect the gem inside you, be the exceptional candidate everyone looks for. You are good to go, break a leg! May all your job interviews go great!

P.s. My friend has been hired because she applied all the tips above. This is her tips as well, shout out to her!

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How to Show You’re Passionate in a Job Interview by Sabina Nawaz via Harvard Business Review