4 Ways Your Online Business Can Build Customer Confidence

By Katie Kabat

While building your online business, you must make sure that it works for not only you and your employees, but also for your customers. It can be tricky to prove a business’s value and credibility without a physical location.

There is a plethora of online businesses, which means customers are looking for a company to prove themselves as credible. Credibility must be earned and the best way is by delivering top-notch customer service while reinforcing your company brand, albeit virtually. Here are four ways which can help your online business to build customer confidence:

1. Think of your website of online business as your storefront

First and foremost, it should look professional, be easy to navigate, and familiarise new customers with who you are and what you do. Use smart web tools with a reliable host, and update it on a daily basis. Make sure you tell the company’s story well and efficiently. It can help to use employee photos instead of stock photos, and make the content compelling to the customer. Check for errors and layout issues on every format.

2. Encourage the customer to do the talking for your online business

Word of mouth matters in every industry, but as a virtual business, it’s even more critical. Once a customer is satisfied with the service, request them to post their feedback on social media. Also, social media is the perfect place where people like and share contents with their friends and network. It is thus a great platform to post and share testimonials from customers to expand your reach and validate your product.

3. Take every opportunity to share success and vision

Is there an awards category in your line of work? Submit an entry. While some awards entries are detailed and can be time consuming, it is incredibly valuable to win awards and receive accolades from your peers or industry leaders.

Can’t find any awards to apply for? Look to certifications as another means of credibility. While recognition through awards shows that your company is valued by other organizations, certifications show that you and your employees are continually working to improve your skill set to provide better service and expanded expertise to your customers.

4. Publicly remind the customers that they made a smart choice

As an online business, it will be advantageous to look for any positive publicity you can. Try to get employees or owners quoted or featured in media coverage. Whether its a major publication or a niche blog, anything to reinforce the idea that the company is the smart choice. If you have a prospect who is concerned about your virtual business model, sharing link after link of press quotes showcasing your expertise or company features citing your virtual status is a terrific way to break down the wall.

Online business is one of the fastest growing economies, especially during the pandemic crisis right now. However, to be recognised as a serious contender and to grab the attention of the customer, it will take a lot of work.