5 Important Skills You Should Acquire by 2025

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

Have you ever wondered what your future will look like after you graduate from university? Will you be finding your dream job or there is more to be done? Even if you have graduated from the top Universities there will still be new skills to acquire in order to land your dream job.


I have also wondered whether I will be getting my dream job or not. Although I am one of the top students in my class and I am studying at one of the most prestigious universities in my country. Personally, I believe that there will be some people might not find a job despite their brilliant background.

However, the reason you could not get your dream job and become unemployed is not because of getting advantage of the right moment. It is indeed because of some skills that you have not acquired yet. No matter how high your grades are, the expectations of many countries have completely changed during this challenging year. Hence it is up to you to add more since universities can only teach the theory of something.

In that sense, you also have to learn life skills that can take you one step further. If you want to know what skills are missing and you need to acquire, then let’s take a look at 5 important skills!

1) Creativity

Machines can help deeds to be done, but they cannot add from themselves. I mean, they cannot be creative as we are. The creativity of machines is only dependent on the inventor of them. This means if an inventor is so creative, he/she will reflect on machines, yet that will be all. The machine will not contribute to the process.

Thus, we have been seeing many corporations hiring dynamic, creative, and innovative employees. On the contrary to what it is seemed and thought, employers would like their employees to add something from themselves, apply innovative ideas as well as pushing the limits. In that sense, what you have to do is revealing your creative side and turning data into information.

2) People Management

It is one of the key competencies for long-term success. Remember that every leader needs a team to reach the goals. Yet, managing that team in the right manner is much more significant than the quantity of the team. If you have that quality to do so, then you can manage people. No matter what your job is you will always need that quality because sometimes you cannot reach your goals alone. Hence, you will need to manage your team and maintain harmony among the team members.

3) Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to control and manage the emotions of oneself as well as controlling the emotions of others. Success requires control, meaning it requires controlling the mind of one’s self. Thus, specializing in that skills is quite a big deal in this era for self-development. However, before controlling the emotions of others, we should check our emotions, then you can impress someone and make business.

4) Adopting a Service-Oriented Approach

Being service-oriented refers to seek different ways to help others. It is how well you can help the people in your teams that defines your quality of skills. Unless you do not specialise in this skill, you might lose the trust and loyalty within both your team and the superior. Do not forget that a real team player or leader helps to grow the team without leaving any one behind.

5) Cognitive Flexibility

Cognitive Flexibility means the individual’s ability to address different people, their opinions, and lifestyles accordingly. Individuals have different thoughts, actions, ideas, opinions, and they should be respected. Therefore, you cannot treat everyone in the same manner.

In order to connect with different people, you need to be flexible and easy-going. By means of logical thinking, respect for others, and the ability to analyze you can get rid of your prejudice. In that way, you can be one step closer to some brilliant ideas even if they don’t seem logical at first.


This week, I have suggested you some important skills that might help discover what is missing within yourself. These might help you to get your dream job. Now you have an idea what you can really do to be one step ahead of others.

Therefore, what you need to do is choosing some of the skills, learning how to develop them, and getting to work! Take a look at yourself from one step back, and start thriving, this process will be fun 🙂

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