5 Skills to Succeed as a Social Media Specialist

By Imane Mdarhri

Succeeding as a Social Media Specialist is not about taking photos and publishing posters. Neither is it being online 24 hours. It is an integrated professional career, which required various skills and fundamentals to master.


Social media specialists have to manage time, tasks, and at times resources. Also, they have to guard the culture, reputation, and the ranking of their brand properly. Essentially, a specialist has to frequently manage their online presence on different social media platforms and keep their knowledge updated about all new strategies or technologies to customize and develop the brand-culture.

Decision making

The position or a career in social media requires smart actions at the right moment. For that reason, a social media specialist needs to have good decision-making skills. The web market is full of content, competitors, and customers; as much as you take the right decision at an accurate time, you will have a high potential to win it. Preparing, analyzing, then acting are the three steps towards perfection.

Technology and linguistics skills:

Getting into the social media sector means that technology will be the working-tool and language, the support of communication. Therefore, it is required to master a few bases on Computing and social media platforms. Also, it is important to possess knowledge of internet culture and to know how to deal with information. Furthermore, having a good level, in the chosen language, including, English is mandatory. Because that will be the key to sustain a long-term career.

Skills to succeed as a social media specialist
Bonnie Sainsbury

Commonly, a career in information technology means isolation and independence. However, the sector is deeply based on exchange, collaboration, and support; which are all synonyms of communication. As a social media specialist, you have to keep your communicational skills at a high level of mastering because all your work is about customers, partners, and branding. Interacting with your customers, negotiating with partners, plus presenting your brand are your main tasks to guard your business or your career up.


Passion is more than an attitude, it is a state of mind. Being passionate about social media, digital marketing, mass-media, and trends is a great motivation to help you move forward in a competitive marketplace. All the prior skills are important to succeed as a social media specialist. but with passion, you could surpass your challenges and turn those skills into a successful profession.

To sum up, the 5 most important skills to succeed as a social media specialist are all soft-skills. They are related to your passion for social media, ambition to develop yourself, and your long-term plans either as a freelancer, young professional, or even a student. While taking the first step, keep in mind that,

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twin

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