A Fresh Graduate, Why Investing?

By Imane Mdarhri

Investing as a fresh graduate brings self-satisfaction and pride, affords life out of your comfort zone, and mainly guarantees success in a perfect way.

School and Colleague years are one of the best parts of life because when we lived the first time of everything; the first day of school, the first best friends, or the first party. It is where we learned that failure is part of the big success, which is ‘Graduation’.

Being a student is not only about classes, exams, and grades but also a complete lifestyle with unique habits and routines. Uncommon emotional and intellectual interactions also, with exceptional dreams and hopes about the future. After the big ceremony of graduation and the special summer with all the enjoyment and happiness, a new life stage begins and your new status becomes ‘Fresh graduate’.

Starting a completely new thing for some could be a soft and easy activity to do. For others, it takes more than just getting a diploma and starting or building a professional career. It is a hard challenge. Here comes the role of (family and friends) to support, motivate, and orientate if necessary.

You are a fresh graduate!!

Your main task now is to do a self-evaluation (Also called Self-Performance Review) to ask yourself a couple of questions; to discover yourself and your ambitions. Define your real skills; in relation to your professional project. The evaluation can be an outline, a graph, or maybe an amusing game. However, the crucial idea here is, to be honest, and to think out of your comfort zone. Marianne Williamson in her book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles” said:

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”

Williamson, A Return to love: Reflection on the principles of “A course In Miracles”
1. The word Investment does not always mean Money and Capital

It can take other meanings like learning, experience, inspiration, or motivation. After graduation; you have to invest all your resources in self-development. What you own at that period of life is precious than money. It is Time plus Energy; these two valuable keys that make you reach your dreams, your dream job. Even so, considering your personal finance could be important. It helps you to organize your plans efficiently and to pass toward action smoothly.

2. Investing Leads you to Success

 The primary answer to your question, why investing as a fresh graduate? All the efforts and the complications you have faced in life are concerning how to achieve success and how to live it. It could be a high salary, a dream car, or even a journey around the world. The crucial point is to expend your time and your energy in what you believe could be the perfect way toward success. Taking extra-courses, freelancing, or, volunteering may be a good investment. Moreover, you can join a professional exchange program, an NGO; living new experiences and adventures, or, very simply practicing a sport to attain your inner-peace and clarify your mind.  Mainly, success arrives when you invest in what you understand, in what you are passionate about. In short, when you invest in yourself.

3. Investing helps you to Attain Self-Satisfaction

This term represents not only the purpose but also the meaning of every action we do and, of every decision we make. A higher level of life satisfaction is always related to how you and how you have been investing in yourself.   

4. Investing is a Life-Changing for you

You have doubts if it is not risky to invest rather than taking life for easy. And you prefer to follow the traditional way of living after graduation. Taking a diploma then sending job applications from your couch. In this case, you risk losing your energy in routine and wasting your time. You will be far from transforming your dreams into a professional career. Life is about taking some action, experiencing new things and of course, also never stop investing.

Investing as a Fresh Graduate brings Self-Satisfaction, guarantees success, and typically gives you Life.

By Imane Mdarhri

CW Intern of LSBC