Automotive sector in Benelux

In recent years, Luxembourg has become a key location for major suppliers to the automotive industry. The Grand Duchy offers ‘just-in-time’ access to the major European car manufacturers and assembly plants.

Car producers in Belgium, France and Germany as well as assembly lines in the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom are supplied from Luxembourg on a same day delivery basis. Thanks to the central location and excellent technologies, numerous car manufacturers based in Europe, such as BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Toyota or VW use products ‘made in Luxembourg’. Automation components are also exported to assemblers in the USA and in Asia.

At the end of the century Belgium became one of the largest European auto makers with an annual output up to 1.2 million from assembly plants of foreign brands because its mainly export-oriented auto industry shrunk by half in recent years (to 500 thousand units) due to strong competition with imports from near and far Eastern producers.

Netherlands imports most of vehicles, having small own manufacturing less than 100 thousands per year. Domestic car’s design and mass production lost. Besides DAF trucks and VDL buses, national automakers includes small companies NovoMotive, Spyker Cars, NedCar.

Biggest Companies in the sector

Company Country
Raval Europe Luxembourg
Delphi Luxembourg
Accumalux Luxembourg
ELTH S.A. Luxembourg
IEE Luxembourg
Textilcord Steinfort Luxembourg
MDI Luxembourg
Goodyear Dunlop Luxembourg
Autopolis S.A. Luxembourg
Ford Motor Company NV Belgium
Volvo Belgium
Toyota Motor Europe Belgium
Honda Europe Belgium
Audi Brussels NV Belgium
LMS International NV Belgium
AGC Automotive Europe Belgium
Belgium Nanocyl NV Belgium
Belgian Fibres NV Belgium
LandFighter The Netherlands
Spyker Cars The Netherlands
Apollo Vredestein B.V. The Netherlands
Tesla Motors The Netherlands
Automotive Campus The Netherlands
DAF The Netherlands
VDL Bus & Coach The Netherlands
NovoMotive The Netherlands
VDL Nedcar The Netherlands


Automotive Clusters

Cluster Country Members Web
Flanders’ DRIVE Belgium 170
The Automotive Cluster of Wallonia Belgium 174
Luxembourg Automotive Components Luxembourg 8
Automative Cluster Euregio Meuse Rhine The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
Automotive NL The Netherlands
Automotive Technology Centre (ATC) The Netherlands 150+


Automotive Fairs

Date Name Location Sector Web
January 22-27, 2015 Caravana The Netherlands / Leeuwarden Tourism and Travel, Automotive Trade Fairs
April 9-10, 2015 CarSignPro The Netherlands / Eindhoven / Beursgebouw Eindhoven Automotive Trade Fairs
April 17-26, 2015 AutoRAI The Netherlands / Amsterdam / Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre Automotive Trade Fairs