Pharma/Medical sector in Benelux

Health sciences and technologies is a key sector for Luxembourg’s economy. This relatively young sector has experienced strong development over the past few years, and is currently specialising in the following fields: Personalised medicine, Medical devices, Diagnostics, Bioinformatics, Telemedicine.

Belgium is the third-largest exporter of medicines in Europe – after Switzerland and Ireland – with a turnover of 34 billion euros in 2013. In addition to that, the pharmaceutical sector provides more than 32,000 direct jobs and is good for 40 percent of all private investment in Research and Development in Belgium.

More than 29 of the 30 global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry have a foothold in Belgium. Included among these are Johnson & Johnson (the Janssen mother ship), GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and UCB, four stakeholders who together make up the Health, Science & Technology (HST) Group.

The total pharmaceutical expenditure (TPE) in the Netherlands in 2009 was 5,153 million EUR (US$7,377 million), which is a per capita pharmaceutical expenditure of 311.77 EUR (US$446.33). The total pharmaceutical expenditure accounts for 0.9% of the GDP and makes up 9.6% of the total health expenditure.

The market share of generic pharmaceuticals (both branded and INN) by value is 28%12. The annual growth rate of the total pharmaceutical market value is 2.1%, while that of the generic pharmaceuticals market alone is 1.9%.
The private out-of-pocket expenditure as a % of the private health expenditure is 35%.

Biggest Companies in the sector

Company Country
Csc Pharmaceuticals Sa Luxembourg
Hanff Freres, Luxembourg, Sarl Luxembourg
Dentorlux Sarl Luxembourg
Technique Dentaire Luxembourgeoise Sa Luxembourg
Pharmatec Sa Luxembourg
Integral Sa Luxembourg
Ablynx Belgium
Eurogentec Belgium
Innogenetics Belgium
Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium
Quality Nutrition Technology Belgium
Tibotec Belgium
TiGenix Belgium
UCB Belgium
GlaxoSmithKline Belgium
Pfizer Belgium
DSM The Netherlands
N.V. Organon The Netherlands
Abbott Nederland The Netherlands


Pharma/Medical Clusters

Cluster Country Members Web
The Luxembourg BioHealth Cluster Luxembourg 60
BioWin Belgium 166
Flanders’ Care Belgium
Amsterdam BioMed Cluster (ABMC) The Netherlands
Medical Delta The Netherlands
NEVAT The Netherlands


Pharma/Medical Fairs

Date Name Location Sector Web
April 22-24, 2015 Med-e-Tel Luxembourg Health and Medicine, Pharmacy
April 23-25, 2015 Reva Belgium / Ghent / Flanders Expo Health and Medicine, Pharmacy