Tourism / Leasure sector in Benelux

Tourism in Luxembourg is an important component of the national economy, representing about 8.3% of GDP in 2009 and employing some 25,000 people or 11.7% of the working population.[1] Despite the 2008–2012 global recession, the Grand Duchy still welcomes over 900,000 visitors a year who spend an average of 2.5 nights in hotels, hostels or on camping sites.[2] Business travel is flourishing representing 44% of overnight stays in the country and 60% in the capital, up 11% and 25% between 2009 and 2010.[3] Published by the World Economic Forum in March 2011, the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report puts Luxembourg in 15th place worldwide, up from 23rd place in 2009.

Tourism in Belgium is one of Belgium’s industries, and its accessibility from elsewhere in Europe still makes it a popular tourist destination. The tourist industry generates 2.8% of Belgium’s gross domestic product and employs 3.3% of the working population (142,000 people). 6.7 million people travelled to Belgium in 2005.[2] Two thirds of them come from the larger nearby countries – France, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

In 2011 the Netherlands was visited by 11.3 million foreign tourists.[1] In 2012, the Dutch tourism industry contributed 5.4% in total to the country’s GDP and 9.6% in total to its employment. With its global ranking of 147th and 83rd place for total contribution to respectively GDP and employment, tourism is a relatively small sector of the Dutch economy.

North Holland was by far the most popular province for foreign tourists in 2011. Out of all 11.3 million tourists, 6 million visited North Holland. South Holland took the second place with 1.4 million. Germans, Britons and Belgians made up the majority of foreign tourists, respectively 3, 1.5 and 1.4 million

Biggest Companies in the sector

Company Country
Sales Lentz Luxembourg
Luxair Luxembourg
Emile Weber Reisen Luxembourg
TUI Travel Belgium
AAB-All About Belgium Belgium
Art and Leisure Travel Belgium
BCD Travel Belgium
Kip The Netherlands


Tourism / Leasure Clusters

Cluster Country Members Web
Inno Sport NL cluster The Netherlands


Tourism / Leasure Fairs

Date Name Location Sector Web
January 14-18, 2015 Vakantieberus The Netherlands/Utrecht/Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Exhibition & Convention Centre Tourism and Recreation
January 16-18, 2015 Vakanz Luxembourg/LuxExpo/Kirchberg Tourism
January 22-27, 2015 Caravana The Netherlands/Leeuwarden Automotive Trade Fairs, Tourism and Travel
February 5-9, 2015 Salon des Vacances Belgium/Brussels/Brussels Expo Leisure and Hobby
February 12-15, 2015 Vert, Bleu, Soleil Belgium/Liege Leisure and Hobby, Tourism and Travel
November 4-6, 2014 Recreatie Vakbeurs The Netherlands/Hardenberg Leisure and Hobby
November 5-9, 2014 KreaDoe The Netherlands/Utrecht/Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs Exhibition & Convention Centre Leisure and Hobby