Wood processing sector in Benelux

Forests cover 21% of the area of Belgium. Commercial production of timber is limited; roundwood production in 2003 was estimated at 4.76 million cu m (168 million cu ft). Most common trees are beech and oak, but considerable plantings of conifers have been made in recent years. Belgium serves as a large transshipment center for temperate hardwood logs, softwood lumber, and softwood plywood. Large quantities of timber for the woodworking industry are typically imported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The total output of Belgium’s wood processing and furniture industry in 2004 was €5.65 billion, with furniture accounting for 52%; wood panels, 22%; and construction, packing, and other wood products, 26%.

The total value of exports of forest products in 2003 was $4.7 billion, with imports of $3.9 billion. Belgium’s wood processing industry consists of over 2,000 enterprises, 65% of which are furniture manufacturers, typically with fewer than five employees.

Wood use in the Netherlands is widespread. In 2012 the sum of wood import and production stood at 29.1 million m3 of roundwood equivalents9, of which more than 95% was imported. A large amount of that wood was only in transit and exported again,
leading to a total in-country use of 11.7 million m3 of roundwood equivalent. Wood use
in the Netherlands is commonly subdivided by application into paper and cardboard
(50%), panels (15%), sawn wood (30%) and other uses (5%). The current status of wood
cascading in the following sectors is described:

  • Wooden packaging sector
  • Timber and construction sector
  • Paper production
  • Furniture production

Subsequently options for (increased) cascading have been identified and described.

Biggest Companies in the sector

Company Country
Holzhaus antony e. – by groupe marchione s.a r.l. Luxembourg
Bois Brever SA Luxembourg
Dewaele Houtskeletbouw N.V. Belgium
Lamcol gelamelleerd hout Belgium
Unilin BVBA (Quickstep) Belgium
Karel Mintjens NV Belgium
Juventa NV Belgium
LS Bedding Group NV Belgium
Bauwens Beernem NV Belgium
IKEA The Netherlands
Ahrend Groep The Netherlands
Bruynzeel Keukens The Netherlands


Wood processing Clusters

Cluster Country Members Web
CAP2020 Belgium 174 http://clusters.wallonie.be/cap2020-en
Eco-building Belgium 165 http://clusters.wallonie.be/ecoconstruction-en


Wood processing Fairs

Date Name Location Sector Web
October 11-19, 2014 Home & Living Expo Luxembourg/Luxembourg Fair Ground Furniture, Interior Design http://www.homeandlivingexpo.lu/en/accueil
November 20-23, 2014 Hout & Habitat Belgium/Antwerp/Antwerp Expo Woodworking and Furniture Production, Building Technology, Machinery, Materials, Interior Construction http://www.houtenhabitat.be/nl
March 6-8, 2015 Gartenraume Luxembourg-Jardireve Luxembourg/Luxembourg Fair Ground Furniture http://www.gartentraeume.com/de
March 20-23, 2015 Bois & Habitat Belgium/Namur/Namur Expo Building Technology, Machinery, Materials, Interior Construction, Woodworking and Furniture Production http://www.bois-habitat.be/en
October 18-22, 2015 Prowood Belgium/Ghent/Flanders Expo Woodworking and Furniture Production http://www.prowood-fair.be/pages/basis_E.asp?lang=3