Attractive building land in Podutik (Ljubljana)

Land with development potencial for high added value : 14 parcels of terraced land

Firstly, this abandoned land complex offers the opportunity to become a magnificent contemporary residential district. It is composed of 14 plots with an area of 44,511 m².

Most of the land occupies the slopes of the old quarry, while a smaller part is at street level.

Balance between nature and urbanism

Surrounded by meadows and forests, these lands are located next to the Šiška district (Ljubljana), to the west of the city; in Podutik.

This district has impeccable public service infrastructure with connection to the centre of Ljubljana.
Podutik is also home to kindergartens, schools, medical centres…

Ljubljana: one of the fastest-developing European capitals

Another, Ljubljana generates more than 25% of Slovenia’s GDP. Employment, average salary or development capacity have made Ljubljana one of the most prosperous cities in Central Europe. For that reason, investing in it can be a wise decision and investing in these areas can be a great opportunity for demanding investors.

Main characteristics

Offer: For sale

Indicative price: 6,600,000.00€

Property category: Attractive building land in Podutik, Ljubljana

Address: Podutik

Plot area: 44,150.00 m²



Phone: 01 4293 483

mobile:030 602 712



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