Blacktown Construction

Blacktown Construction GmbH is an Austrian based company, dealing with construction of
nonresidential, industrial projects and automated and non-automated parking facilities projects.
Every project is based on BIM (Building Information Modeling). This way we create a complete virtual
model of every engineering project.

BIM implementation enables us to foresee upcoming mistakes and avoid/resolve them at the office,
not at the field. Our team of BIM experts can support every stage of the process, from initial design
over actual construction documentation as well as operating phase of the project (BIM 5D). Using
BIM we can optimize construction time and cost. If taken in to consideration, that, average, 10 – 15
% of construction time is spent as downtime or on resolving project issues the benefits of BIM use in
project design and project management has significant positive impact on every construction project.
By exact time/finance planning, based on real and professional BIM virtual construction model
investors and other participants are gaining powerful tool for further development of core business
and additional source of income
Our mission is:
• to provide suitable and error free design solution from initial construction phase/design to its
• increase construction cost effectiveness for wide range of participants, from investors to
contractors and building managers
• to provide solid and error free tender/project documentation, based on exact virtual model,
regardless of the project scale
• to save the environment by optimizing use of natural resources
• to provide additional source of income to construction projects participants thru timely
avowing costly mistakes


Company: BlackTown Construction GmbH
Address: St.Veiter Str. 150, 9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
Contact person: Mr. Borut Skornšek, B.Sc.CEng.
Phone/Fax: +386 41 67 33 66
Webpage: n/a