Bye Bye My Cubicle, Is remote work here to stay?

By basheer badran

As the world slowly reopens, companies decide how the post-Covid workplace will be. Is remote work here to stay?

A study by Gartner surveys found that 82% of business leaders say their organizations plan to let employees continue to work from home at least some of the time. Instead, 47% plan to allow employees to do so permanently.  

According to global workplace analytics, about 5 million Americans worked remotely before the pandemic. However, COVID-19 forced US employers to allow telework on a massive scale. It results in an estimated 75 million people working from home over the past year.

Is remote work here to stay?

Here are a few reasons why remote work is here to stay (most probably😉):

  • Increased flexibility: companies are now trying to figure out how a post-pandemic workforce will operate. That could require a hybrid model where some people are in the office most of the time, some will mainly telework, and others do a mix of the two. Increasing remote work could free employees from living close to their workplace, thus saving the time and effort to commute daily.
  • Cost savings: operational costs play a central role in a business budget. Since the transition out of the office, there have been significant cost savings in multiple areas. For instance, many organizations downsized or eliminated office spaces. It caused removing the rent or the cost to purchase office space from their expenses.
  • Larger talent pool: fully remote workforces allow employers to tap into a much larger talent pool.

Remote work, of course, also has significant downsides.

The blurry lines that already existed between work and personal life vanished during the pandemic.

Indeed, not having to commute allowed people to log on to work earlier in the day and to stay connected later into the night.

And despite modern technology and video conferencing capabilities, companies are struggling to foster workplace cultures and make employees, especially new hires, feel welcome and part of a team.


Whether businesses will adopt a fully remote work paradigm or a hybrid model, it seems clear that our offices will eventually change after decades.

The Covid 19 pandemic changed our lives both on the personal and professional aspects, and perhaps it will never be the same again.

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