Uses of Blockchain in Digital Marketing

We all know what Blockchain is at this point. In LSBC we have written many times about it, but it’s time to discover what are the real uses of Blockchain in digital marketing and how we can take advantage of it for our strategy.

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Blockchain Innovation in European Union


European Blockchain Association

Several European countries have signed a pact on a European Blockchain Association. As a result, this will be a pact which would serve as a vehicle between these states to exchange experiences; and also to prepare for the launch of Blockchain applications on a larger scale.

Hence, Europe continues to play a leading role in the development of this new technology on a global scale.

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Blockchain and Triple Entry Bookkeeping, How Exciting! How Frightening!

Blockchain is turning things kind of up its head!

The Blockchain Academy now speaks about a step forward in Blockchain world.

Hocus pocus! Boom! Blockchain gave birth to a powerful concept of triple-entry-bookkeeping and … it’s simple!

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Banknotes and Chopped-up Databases

The Blockchain Academy brings us news about the apparent differences between banknotes and cryptocurrencies.

In their previous article, A Freestyle Interpretation of Money, they argued that -from a value point of view- the form under which money exists is not that important, but that its scarcity is. Now, they talk about “form”.

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A Freestyle Interpretation of Money

The Blockchain Academy wrote about the meaning of Money.

What is money?

Well, the question is one that needs much more than just a small reflection in order to be answered conveniently. But for the sake of easiness and simplicity, let’s try -humbly- to squeeze things down to under 300 words. Here we go!

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Arizona Gives Legal Status to Blockchain Based Smart Contracts

Ethereum’s technology has just been given the seal of approval by the State of Arizona which passed a bill giving legal status to smart contracts and blockchain based signatures, considering them as any ordinary contract or signature.

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