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PowerPoint Presentations: How to make awesome pitches

Presentations are a key part of any business venture. It gives others a summary of your ideas and pitches. Effective PowerPoint presentations can strike a chord with the audience. Therefore, it’s important to use specific strategies to make a successful pitch.

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Remarkable Ways to Eliminate Common Timewasters in your Office

Because of a multitude of reasons, it can be hard to manage your employee’s time at the office. After all, it is widely known that employees sometimes aren’t engaged enough in their workplace and instead of being productive engage in common timewasters. To find a solution for this we have to look at the source of these issues.

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How to Successfully Manage Your Team Remotely

One of the greatest challenges faced in transitioning to remote work is team management. The traditional office management practices and the possibility to have a short meeting at almost any time have evaporated. To successfully manage your team to be the best it can be, you must adapt as a remote manager.

Successfully manage

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The Most Essential Software for Working Remotely

These days established businesses and startups are transitioning to working remotely which presents many issues. To progress without issues in this new age and to onboard new employees without grueling, time-wasting training only the best remote software fits the bill. Recommendations for essential software are as follows:

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Skills Development at Home: Enhance Your Career

by Ceren Gökhan

In the changing and developing business world, the emergence of new fields and the transformation of professions created many experiences and skill seeking. So much more besides academic success in recruitment, soft and hard skills gained by the person started to stand out. To learn more about the skills related to your field, you can read “Top 5 Learning Skills to Adapt.” There are many options for skill development that you can adapt from home rather than just gaining work experience. If you aim to keep up with this change when we spend most of our time at home, the rest of the article can give you an idea.

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Planning a Successful Meeting

by Basheer Badran

Meetings can be annoying, often unnecessary and take time away from other crucial work. But work meetings are very efficient and productive when they well planned. 

Here are some simple tips for planning effective meetings:

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Greenroom Vs Clubhouse

by Basheer Badran

Spotify announces Greenroom, a new competitor for the suddenly-popular category of live streaming voice chat apps like Clubhouse. In March, Spotify announced it was acquiring the company behind the sports-focused audio app Locker Room to help speed its entry into the live audio market. Locker Room had used a white-and-reddish orange colour scheme, whereas the new Greenroom app looks very much like an offshoot from Spotify, having adopted the same colour palette, font and iconography.

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How to use Neuromarketing?

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Is it possible to hack into the minds of consumers and influence their decisions?

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the field of marketing that uses medical technologies such as fMRI – functional magnetic resonance imaging. Neuromarketing study brains responses to marketing stimuli, and that could be like a message or an ad.

Researchers used the fMRI to measure changes in activities in parts of the brain. They indeed wanted to learn why consumers make some decisions. What part of the brain is telling them to do it?

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Busiiness Ethics

Business Ethics

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Definition of Business Ethics

Business Ethics replicate the basic principles that form a specific company. It entails all the fields within the Business atmosphere. The last can include finance, relationship with the environment, human resource management, sales and promoting, and others more.

By law, the business is to follow the set rules and procedures in its pursuit to comprehend its aims and goals.

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is remote work here to stay

Bye Bye My Cubicle, Is remote work here to stay?

By basheer badran

As the world slowly reopens, companies decide how the post-Covid workplace will be. Is remote work here to stay?

A study by Gartner surveys found that 82% of business leaders say their organizations plan to let employees continue to work from home at least some of the time. Instead, 47% plan to allow employees to do so permanently.  

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