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What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence?

The term, coined by researchers Peter Salloway and John Mayer in 1990, spread in 1996 from Daniel Goldman’s book entitled Emotional intelligence, why it can matter more than IQ.

This book describes EI as the capacity of the human brain to recognize feelings, both ours and others. It helps to motivate ourselves, and to manage emotions effectively in ourselves and others.

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Avoid overthinking business strategies as leader

How to avoid overthinking Business strategies as a Leader?

It is tempting to overthink business strategies as a new generation leader but, even though you want to succeed, avoid this common trap! 

When tailoring a business strategy for your company, keep in mind a limit to your over-design, over-analyze, and over-think. Usually, “good enough” is the best beginning to check out your strategic priorities together with your key stakeholders.

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The futuristic E-Commerce trends

The futuristic e-Commerce trends

In the e-commerce industry, trends and technology keep changing and evolving over the years.

Now that we are in the 20s, new trends will be arising.

To help prepare your business for the next step in the e-commerce industry, here is a list of trends to watch out for in 2022.

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Influential qualities of HR Managers.

As we are all aware, personal qualities define who we are as human beings. The presence or the absence of these qualities can improve or worsen someone’s character.

Since an HR manager takes care of huge responsibilities, he should possess some influential qualities to ensure smooth and effective working inside an organization.

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The product roadmap

The Product roadmap.

What exactly is a product roadmap?

A product roadmap is a statement of intent. It communicates both the short and long-term initiatives that a team will carry. It also tells you the “how” and “why” behind a product organization strategy.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be complex.

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment? Maybe you’re trying to grow or retain your email subscribers and stay compliant with all these new email regulations.

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The world of Digital Marketing

The World of Digital Marketing.

Ready to jump into The Dazzling world of digital marketing. Whether you’re interested in social media or SEO, you’re probably wondering what it takes to land one of those coveted jobs. While understanding the trends, you also need to have these skills of evaluation.

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Top 3 Skills to Learn Immediately.

By Millena Kapamann

If your goal is to gain insight into the most valuable skills to have in business, you fall in the right place. Of course, there are plenty of skills that are also important but considering the general situation of the world, selling and generating revenue are the central goals of many companies. Thus, here is a small guide to learn about our Top 3 Skills in a short time and in a most efficient way.

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Mental Health during Pandemic

Mental Health During Pandemic.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Mental Health During Pandemic is the topic of the day. The coronavirus has been impacting everybody, especially business owners. They are not currently able to make a move, and this can affect their mental health. Humans are social creatures. But if we want to stop the spread of Covid-19, we must do what we are biologically programmed to avoid.

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Lost your way: Here are some tips to regain control of your Life

Lost Your Way: Here are some Tips to Regain Control of your Life.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

There is no human being on this planet that goes through living feeling up 100% of the time. Additionally, nobody on this planet is happy 100% of the time. If you have lost your way in life: Here are some tips to regain control of your life.

We all have low moments. We all suffer setbacks, we all get caught up in things we shouldn’t and, we all lose our way. Moreover, some of us remain lost forever and, some of us find our way back to the path.

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