Hack your Brain: Useful Tips to Manage Work Anxiety

by Mila Kalajdzieva

Work anxiety is that uneasy feeling you get when there’s so much work to do, but you can’t seem to accomplish anything. She’s always there whenever you think you aren’t doing enough. Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes, but we’ll talk a bit about anxiety at work and provide some tips to remember when you’re going through a dark moment.

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An Image Shows a Focusing Working Environment with a Woman Sitting on a Chair

Working From Home: Dealing With Focusing Problems

by Ceren Gökhan

Our changing routines with the pandemic have of course reflected on our working life. Especially those who have been working from home for more than a year have been left alone with focusing problems. As a matter of fact, while it is very difficult to focus during your work, even in pre-pandemic life, it should not be strange that working from home makes it difficult.

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Brand Color Psychology

by Basheer Badran

The psychology of colour is one of the most interesting — and most controversial — aspects of marketing.

What is Brand Color Psychology?

Indeed, Brand colour psychology is the study of colour impacting the way we perceive brands. Colours do have a powerful effect on our emotions. Accordingly, these emotions play a central role in how we behave as consumers. In fact, Brand colour psychology provides a framework for understanding how and why we interact with the brands in our lives.

One of the most famous colour theorists, Faber Birren, wrote extensively on the link between colours and our emotional state, particularly in his book Color Psychology and Color Theory.

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How to use Neuromarketing?

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Is it possible to hack into the minds of consumers and influence their decisions?

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the field of marketing that uses medical technologies such as fMRI – functional magnetic resonance imaging. Neuromarketing study brains responses to marketing stimuli, and that could be like a message or an ad.

Researchers used the fMRI to measure changes in activities in parts of the brain. They indeed wanted to learn why consumers make some decisions. What part of the brain is telling them to do it?

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Busiiness Ethics

Business Ethics

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Definition of Business Ethics

Business Ethics replicate the basic principles that form a specific company. It entails all the fields within the Business atmosphere. The last can include finance, relationship with the environment, human resource management, sales and promoting, and others more.

By law, the business is to follow the set rules and procedures in its pursuit to comprehend its aims and goals.

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king worrier magician lover personality

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (KWML) in the workplace

by Basheer Badran

KWML is a method of personality assessment, friendship compatibility, and romantic fitness . Afterward, you might extend this concept to include relationships between coworkers and colleagues.

The concept became famous at the beginning of the millennium. It was popular among people interested in self-help and dating, especially after some seminars presented by Dr Paul Dobransky. In fact, he describes the KWML model as the most powerful story for romance, business, and social power you’ve ever read. 

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Social Media Demographics

by Basheer Badran

Understanding social media demographics will help you tailor your marketing strategy and, consequently, reach the right people with your message.

Indeed, 50% of the global population is using social media. That’s over 3.8 billion people, and the number is still growing. In 2019, on average, these users spent two hours and 24 minutes per day on social media across devices. Moreover, people between the ages of 16-24 spent close to three hours a day on social media.

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence?

The term, coined by researchers Peter Salloway and John Mayer in 1990, spread in 1996 from Daniel Goldman’s book entitled Emotional intelligence, why it can matter more than IQ.

This book describes EI as the capacity of the human brain to recognize feelings, both ours and others. It helps to motivate ourselves, and to manage emotions effectively in ourselves and others.

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Avoid overthinking business strategies as leader

How to avoid overthinking Business strategies as a Leader?

It is tempting to overthink business strategies as a new generation leader but, even though you want to succeed, avoid this common trap! 

When tailoring a business strategy for your company, keep in mind a limit to your over-design, over-analyze, and over-think. Usually, “good enough” is the best beginning to check out your strategic priorities together with your key stakeholders.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be complex.

Are you trying to achieve a measurable return on your email marketing investment? Maybe you’re trying to grow or retain your email subscribers and stay compliant with all these new email regulations.

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