Chambre de Commerce

As a professional chamber and public institution encompassing all sectors of business other than agriculture and crafts (Chambre des Métiers), the Chamber of Commerce sees its rationale and role as a guardian of the interests of its member companies. Since in some cases these may pursue divergent sectorial interests, the Chamber of Commerce, in a spirit of fairness to all its members, sees its primary mission as articulating, representing and defending the interests of all its members. Sectorial interests are only pursued if they do not conflict with the interests of the other Chamber member companies.

Today, the Chamber of Commerce has approximately 90,000 affiliated members, accounting for 75% of total employment and representing 80% of GDP.

Contributions from members constitute the principal financial resource of the Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, the Chamber enjoys financial autonomy.

The 6 operational missions by the Chamber of Commerce are:

– Involvement in the legislative procedure through the preparation of opinions.
– Promoting the spirit of enterprise and the creation and development of businesses.
– Promoting foreign economic and commercial relations.
– Fostering a system of education and training that meets the needs of businesses.
– Providing services to businesses and the general public.
– Informing the public and stimulating debate as a partner and independent ambassador of the market economy (think tank and proposals of policy).

The Chamber of Commerce consists of six entities and the LSC:

– Department of Official Opinions and Legal Affairs.
– Services to SMEs.
– Economic Affairs.
– International Department.
– Administration & Finances.
– Communication & Media.
– Training.


Company: Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg
Address: 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg Kirchberg
Contact person: Sabrina Sagramola
Phone/Fax: (+352) 42 39 39 – 1 / (+352) 43 83 26
OPENING HOURS: The Chamber of Commerce is open from 8.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.