Coworking spaces: a growing trend all around the world

By Millena Kapamann

Coworking seems to be a regular part of life for freelancers, start-ups owners and entrepreneurs. When you walk into these spaces, you can notice right away how different it is from a regular office. 

This New-age concept where strangers share a space holds an electric and energetic atmosphere. The smell of freshly cooked coffees in the air, bold conversations running through groups, the steady mind: this is coworking culture…

Moment of History: how the concept did start

Before diving into the subject, we can clarify that a similar concept to the coworking culture was already existing for years. For example, in 1995 in Berlin, Germany, the C-base association was among the first Hacker houses around the world: the place allowed technology-oriented people to work individually while still sharing equipment, knowledge and thoughts about projects. Additionally, in Germany, the St. Oberholz café was one of the first spaces that offered free internet access, flexible desks for teams and individuals, leading the coworking trend. These spaces are the pioneers of today’s coworking spaces.

The formal story of coworking officially began in 2005 with Brad Neuberg, a Software engineer who officially owns the concept. According to the interview, the first coworking space was started from a San Francisco feminist collective space, the main aim was to combine freedom, the structure of working with others and belonging to a community. Sir Neuberg created a plan that included his criteria: a space that delivers structure, community, and freedom. Since then, the coworking space has evolved dramatically.

How and why does Coworking culture impact our work environment ?

For almost two decades, coworking spaces are having a strong impact on our work environment, on a worldwide level. Right after the opening, the rest of the world followed closely. According to several statistics, in 2019, 19000 coworking spaces were opened worldwide, which encouraged the trend of meeting in one space. Big companies such as We work mentioned their franchises in multiple developed countries: coworking spaces are becoming a global trend.

Additionally, the sense of community belonging impacts people on a mental level to choose these spaces. Surrounding yourself with goal-oriented people is not only positive for your networking address, plus it may be motivating and help you to move your business forward.

Last but not least, there is a strong sense of security that comes with this concept. The isolation that comes from “working from home” may leave people with a sense of loneliness. Here we may combine sociability, independence, and we may enjoy all the amenities. Coworking spaces definitely boost morale and passion, which results in a more enthusiastic and cheerful workday.

2 advantages about adopting the coworking space culture

Sharing a workplace with several strangers can be a bit intimidating. But as a business owner, you will quickly realize which advantages open working spaces may offer. Here are a few honourable mentions related to gains and productivity.

  • Adopting the coworking culture is cost-effective. The degree of rent flexibility has increased recently, and the demand is proving how much popularity this concept is gaining. There are a lot of worldwide agencies that offer affordable rent such as Work Plus office, Trend India and so on…plus you will not be dealing with office maintenance responsibilities.
  • The strength of coworking lies in the fact that a non-hierarchical working place is offered to the workers. This can be favourable for decision-making. In fact, based on our CISpace reviews, as an independent worker, the daily exchanges with others throughout the day may be healthier for your mind. Being free and motivated together seems to be the perfect equation.

To summarize, for almost two decades, coworking spaces are impacting our traditional work environment. The combination of the seriousness in offices and the relaxing/carefree workplaces is gaining people’s heart. Remarkable independent owners are conquering the market in certain regions, and in the near future, coworking will inevitably grow more.