How To Create A Stronger Workplace Environment

By Chin-Undram Odsuren

We spend 35% of our awake time either working or in the office. Research has shown that the workplace environment dictates our productivity as well as overall work enjoyment. With a large percentage of our time spent at the office or in a virtual work environment, we should create a positive and nurturing one. From the article, learn what a strong workplace environment looks like and how to achieve it.

First, let’s define what exactly a work environment is. Is it only limited to the physical room your colleagues sit together? Is it also the mental state in which we plan and work subconsciously? With any definition there is, it is bound that it certainly affects how we work and interact with others. This article outlines the work environment as the setting, social features, and physical conditions in which you perform your job. Knowing what kinds of work environments there are will help employers and employees alike build a better community and space.

Work environment types

Realistic: This environment involves more physical work than any other type, therefore, more athletic or kinesthetic employees thrive and are more productive.

Investigative: People who do more mental work fit in this type. Problem-solving, critical thinking, and analyzing occur more here. Creating spaces with more mind works will help build a better workplace.

Artistic: This flexible environment helps more artistic creators fulfill their jobs. Building places where personal expression is highly appreciated will surely help!

Social: People who use communication and social skills as the medium for their productivity will flourish here. Make sure there is more collaboration and exchange.

How to build a strong workplace environment

Meta studied that a positive work environment helps the company be more productive, have a better company culture, improve morale, and gain many other benefits. They recommend those steps to build a strong environment.

Have a good first impression: Offer tours of your company culture and welcome the newcomers. Make sure to understand their needs beforehand.

Create connections: Organize team-building activities to create a better collaborative environment. Especially with the rising online positions, feeling part of a team can be difficult.

Diversify the body: Diversity is surely one of the most important aspects of any workplace in the 21st century. Improve your recruitment practices and make sure both the managing body and workers have diversity and inclusivity.

Make everything comfortable: Because we spend a lot of time in the office, comfort should always come, if not first, second. Improve the lightning and facilities’ quality, and build a collaborative/personal space.