Don’t Give Up Yet

By Maria Alhais

We all face many circumstances that make us feel like giving up. Life can be hard, and if you’re an entrepreneur, you will face many challenges throughout your working life. What I can tell you for sure is to don’t give up yet.

Nowadays, there is no dearth of opportunities. There is no right time to try and there is no magic solution for success. Above all, we are the ones responsible for our success. However, there are circumstances that can make our life easier, but we can’t depend on them. Anytime is a good time to embrace any opportunity, no matter how small it may seem, that takes you closer to your success.

Don’t give up yet on your dreams. Run that extra mile, write that last sentence to finish your article, invest in that one small business. It is guaranteed that you’ll fail if you don’t try.

Don’t give up yet! These people didn’t give up too, and I believe you would like to achieve the success they have!

Steve Jobs

We all know that Steve Jobs is known for his million-dolar business of Apple. However Steve Jobs was actually fired from Apple computers in the beggining of his career.

Henry Ford

Everyone knows Ford Automobile. What we don’t know is that before Ford Motor Company gained success, Ford founded 2 other companies that failed.

Walt Disney

Can you believe that Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because ”he didn’t have good ideas and imagination? In other words, imagine what would be our life without Walt Disney World?

In conclusion, bear in mind that it is assured you’ll fail if you don’t even try. And it’s possible that you’ll fail often in the beginning. It is very easy to succumb to failures, but it is very tough to sustain those turbulent times and keep moving. Don’t let the failure mindset stop your motives.

Don’t give up yet! Be better, do better. You are the key to your success.