Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

when we first become managers or Leaders, Funny things start to happen. A lot of great practitioners become much less effective overnight when they move into a management role. Emotional Intelligence is an essential skill that every leader should work on to improve.

That’s partly because each level of management requires new skills and perspectives. Many of which can only be learned by experience, but it’s because the assumption of power is a bit dizzying.

At some point, every manager experiences a combination of these unexpected behaviors like overreach, denial, exhaustion, and euphoria.

we all have a little dictator inside sometimes getting power encourages him or her.

we bark orders, behave imperiously, and spiral into a state of overreach. It’s not a good look. It might result in short-term action but will kill long-term motivation.

On the flip side, we can experience denial, this is probably the most common problem facing today’s generation of power. shy managers, we all have moments where we just want to be one of the gang pretending to ourselves and our team that we don’t have power. It’s not true, Leaders that don’t recognize their own power cannot lead. Finding the right balance can lead to exhaustion.

Stress Management.

Being a Leader comes with new unexpected sources of stress and pressure. Every decision takes more energy every conversation is a bit more serious and your own actions are watched more carefully. These stresses require us to build a new kind of stamina when things start to come together, say your team solves a particularly challenging problem or wins a major new piece of business.

Being a Leader can feel awesome leading to a feeling of euphoria but every victory also opens new challenges. while the team is partying you have to be getting ready for what’s next. If we aren’t aware of them each of these is a trap we can fall into as Leaders.

After assuming a new level of authority, the key is to observe our own behavior, seek out honest feedback and be patient as we adjust to our new surroundings.

Leadership is all about Emotional Intelligence, Management is taught while Leadership is Experienced.

CEO OF NOKIA. Rajeev Suri.