Greenroom Vs Clubhouse

by Basheer Badran

Spotify announces Greenroom, a new competitor for the suddenly-popular category of live streaming voice chat apps like Clubhouse. In March, Spotify announced it was acquiring the company behind the sports-focused audio app Locker Room to help speed its entry into the live audio market. Locker Room had used a white-and-reddish orange colour scheme, whereas the new Greenroom app looks very much like an offshoot from Spotify, having adopted the same colour palette, font and iconography.

What is it?

Spotify Greenroom is a new mobile app that allows Spotify users worldwide to join or host live audio room, and optionally turn those conversations into podcasts. Moreover, Spotify is also announcing a Creator Fund that will help fuel the new app with more content in the future.

Spotify positions its app as a way to connect with people to “join the conversation”. It features music, sports, and culture as topics.

The app offers recording capabilities for users to complement their on-demand content with live conservations. Besides, it comes with chat controls aimed at enhancing the user experience.

To join the new app, Spotify users will sign in with their current Spotify account information. They’ll then walk through an onboarding experience designed to connect them with their interests.

Greenroom Vs Clubhouse Vs others

Every tech company now seems interested in social audio, a thing that didn’t widely exist until March 2020, when Clubhouse spread.

Consequently, Twitter launched Spaces in December 2020, and Facebook implemented itself with Live Audio Rooms.

These Tech giants have to compete with Discord, which has been offering live audio since 2015. Discord has more than 140 million users, but its core audience is video game players.

So who will dominate this new way of social media? Only time will tell.

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