How To Be Your-Self-Guide

By Imane Mdarhri

A self-guided person is one who not only listens and follows one’s inner-self but also believes and encourages one to maintain and reach a higher level of self-esteem. It may be a long, complicated journey or a philosophical dilemma. However, this article can help you to guide and discover how to guide yourself.

Inner-self is a living combination of sensations, feelings, characters, and abilities. Like physical organs, our spirit also has special needs and requires care, nutrition, and protection. In order to mitigate all these needs, you have to think, act, and react smartly. The trick is quite simple, caring by thinking twice before judging your skills, nourishing your inner-self with positive thoughts and self-belief, as well as acting bravely under external pressures.


In our social life, trust is one of the fundamental bases of any strong relationship, and it has to cover the one with our inner-spirit. Maybe because of some negative past experiences, you have been declining or avoiding your inner voice. According to Krupa B from  Alphahearts, “Just because you may have learned to distrust or ignore your inner voice in the past doesn’t mean that it has gone away for good. It just might take a little extra work to find it again”. So now, it is time to take the first initiative and take yourself as the best friend forever, a friendship full of trust, belief, and acceptance.


In the journey to explore how to be yourself guide, discovering ourselves should take an ultimate priority. Social and personal experiences are the perfect tools to explore various angles of your self. For some, it may be hard to get over it. Yet, daily events are still useful to find hidden and interesting facts about your qualities. Sometimes, this can create a sort of curiosity to dig deeper and display more, which is the essential purpose of this whole guide. Basically, when we love something, we like discovering it. Therefore, love yourself and enjoy the discovery.


Sport, healthy food, and hygiene are the basic rules to take care of your body. There are similar alternatives for inner-self; entertainment ranked first. Having fun, enjoying life, and following our desires are some of the simplest things to do, either alone or with other people. Moreover, taking a day off with no plans or rules and writing a list of all your achievements in life, even the simple ones. Taking care of your inner-self does not necessarily need a big budget; you can just eat your favorite chocolate bar, call someone you love or walk beside the beach. Those small actions can refresh your mind and energy for big, significant long-term results.

Shakespeare quote

Improving yourself does not signify that you are not good. It signifies that you can give more and better. Failures or struggles are not necessarily bad; they offer precious lessons, a learning opportunity, or even a chance to explore a new version of yourself, a better one for sure.

In general, self-esteem is the key to maintain your professional and personal development. Entourage and society can be a good source of motivation and efficient support. Still, your inner soul should be your first and last guide.