How To Beat Procrastination While Working From Home

by Maria Alhais

If you’re currently working from home during the pandemic, you might face many external situations that challenge your focus during your daily tasks. Many people have encountered many difficulties in balancing their personal and professional life at the same time. Working from home has become a much common reality and sometimes it’s hard to stop procrastinating while trying to get down to business.

It is true that everyone procrastinates but it’s essential to pushing past the distractions to get your work done. Being at your own home might cause you troubles because your brain will likely associate that your house is your own personal space, a space where you relax and enjoys your days off. Now, you had to adapt it to a professional space.  

So how can you overcome all these distractions and conquer procrastination? Here are some tips and tricks that might help you: 

Create and follow a schedule 

Our brain reacts to our own routines and schedules. Every time you follow through on that thought and routine, you’re changing the structure of your brain. Within weeks your brain will treat it as a regular routine, and after a few months, you will feel uncomfortable if you don’t follow your schedule as planned. This is important because the likelihood of your procrastination episodes will be cut short.  

Organize your workspace as it was like you were in your office 

If you’re working in your common areas, it will be obvious that there are many distractions around you. Your toddlers might be running around, the TV might be on. What we suggest you is, if you have the chance to,  try find a relaxed space at your own house and add some features that makes you resemble your workspace- even if it is your working computer- this will help you ‘’get in the mood’’ 

Create deadlines 

To impose deadlines on yourself, you will commit publicly to doing something at your own pace and rhythm.  We suggest you make your deadlines meaningful. What we mean is, if there is no accountability, there is no reason why you should commit yourself to do it. Don’t just write down what you have to do, use apps that remind you of your goals and deadlines.

Take some breaks 

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs
Being at home might be troubling because you’ll find it difficult to separate your free time from your working time. This will cause that you’ll end up working more than you should. We have spoken about the importance of having a clear schedule. Now we mention the importance of some breaks during the day, including lunchtime. You’ll find it easier to work knowing that you’ll have a break sooner or later. If you usually don’t take breaks you might feel the necessity to procrastinate hours and hours. 

Introduce some healthy habits that boost your productivity

Your productivity is linked to your level of procrastination. It’s important to find some habits and mechanisms that make you more productive such as starting the day early in the morning and have a good sleeping schedule. 

Now that we gave you some tips and tricks to be better and do better, what are you waiting for to put them in practice?