Content Creation: How To Create Content Online?

By Julia Cavalheiro

Nowadays big and small companies are realizing the power of marketing and content creation online. Nevertheless, being able to use these tools to boost your company can be tricky, especially for new businesses. With that in mind, we want to share with you some tips on how to start creating good content online and increasing your presence on social media.

First, let’s understand the perks of creating content for your social networks. Mainly it will add value to your company, but it is also important to understand that you will be creating a relationship with your users, making it something more personal and therefore more valuable to your consumers. 

Therefore the question that you should ask yourself about marketing strategy online is: “Are we using it strategically?”

To help you answer that question, let’s talk about one of the basic concepts of creating content online. 

Source: Pixabay, 2022.

Different forms require different types of content

In the online world, there are different ways to express a piece of information to the public and the main ones are:

  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Articles
  • Imagines

Every one of these has specific platforms that will help you reach your focus group better; with that in mind, we go to the second important part when creating content online. 

Identify your niche 

To be able to reach as many people as possible with your content online, it is important to know to whom are you doing it. What do they want; what type of form better gets their attention. The keyword here is relevancy, try to identify the relevancy of your content online in your niche. 

Use search tools

During your process to create content online, it can be very helpful to use search tools to find out what people are looking for, and understand what is the demand for content at the moment. One example is the Google Keyword Planner. 

Analyze your competitors

Last but not least, analyzing your competitors can be very useful to try and see what is already been offered, what is been well received by the consumers, and if there is something that is missing. 


To conclude, by doing some of these steps, you can optimize your content online and improve the engagement with your consumers, making your brand more present in the market and also more competitive.