How To Deal With Work Burnout

By Maria Alhais

Job burnout is a special type of stress you get from work. It’s a physical and/or emotional state that leaves you to exhaustion. It’s often difficult finding ways on how to deal with work burnout.

Work Burnout is very damaging not only for your mental health, but also for your relationships with others, and yourself.

There are many causes of job burnout and the main one is related to whether if you feel happy in your workplace or not. But let’s take a look at some other causes:

  • Imbalance between work and life: It is important to have a balanced life between your working hours and your personal hours. If you often get caught up in work and you disregard completely your closest ones, you’ll eventually burnout.
  • Lack of control: if you often feel that you can’t control your time management, your workload and your schedules, you can in consequently get a job burnout.
  • Lack of social support: This can be whether between your coworkers and yourself, or even between your family members and you. It is important to have some sort of emotional support.

But how can you deal with work burnout?

There is not any magic potion you can take that will magically solve all of your problems and take out the heavy weight from your chest. But there are some healthies coping mechanisms you can have to deal with a possibly work burnout.

Try a relaxing activity

Explore your options and try to understand what will help you cope with stress. It can be something like go jogging or hit the gym. Or maybe you just need to listen to some calm music and meditate. Yoga is also a good option.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness in when you get in touch with your senses. You have to make yourself aware of your feelings. Imagine that your feelings come to you as waves. The moment when the wave burst in is the moment you take a deep breath and feel what your feeling. Then, gently let go of that feeling, without interpretation or judgement.

Seek Help

Try to reach out to your co-workers or even your supervisor if you have the closeness to do so. If not, let people in your life know that you are facing a hard time and let them help you. If by any chance you feel you need more than friendly support, go get help from a specialist. It’s no shame to ask for help.

Keep an open mind about what you’re feeling. Don’t let an unrewarding job take away your health, it’s not worth it.