How to Not Feel Lonely When Working Remotely

by Mila Kalajdzieva
A big chunk of the world has moved into working remotely in these trying times. Although these arrangements are for the greater good, they’ve brought about a new pandemic, one of the mind – loneliness. Since we could all use a little pick me up, we’ve put together some tips on how to not feel lonely in your home office. Keep reading to find out!

Remote work has been a godsend for many employees. However, just because someone recognizes the benefits of a home-based job doesn’t mean they should overlook its drawbacks.

For some workers, the mere fact of being home alone for eight or more hours might get too tough to bear. Loneliness can easily creep up during those moments, which might make some depressed and unproductive. To ease these unpleasant feelings, we’d like to list some helpful tips to rid yourself of negativity and connect to the world around you. As the Weeknd sings – “We’re alone together”!

Online Coffee Breaks

Our first tip on how to not feel lonely is online coffee breaks. Even though you’re working from home, you still need to take a regular breather to keep your mind sharp. Therefore, it’s a great idea to schedule coffee breaks with your coworkers on Zoom, just like you would in a real-world office. You and your favourite coworkers can talk about your day, workload, or chit-chat over a nice cup of coffee (or tea). After these conversations, you’ll feel more connected and ready to go on with your day.

Group Chats

Another great tip for staying connected is making group chats with your work buddies. These chats don’t have to be work-centred all the time, rather a safe place where each of you can talk about whatever you like. For example, if you have something important to tell your coworkers, don’t wait until you hop on Skype or Zoom – text them straight away! What’s more, these habits can prove helpful in breaking up your workload and decreasing some stress.

Group Challenges

Group challenges are an excellent opportunity to relate to your coworkers. Moreover, it can help you include some healthy habits in your life. For instance, you can challenge your work buddies to try out a new exercise regime or read 50 pages from a book every day. Apart from that, you can even challenge each other to meditate, journal, or drink two litres of water a day! As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, the companionship you’ll form as a group will be worthwhile.

Virtual Social Events

Last but certainly not least, take advantage of virtual social events. Social events shouldn’t fade into a distant memory because you’re working from home. On the contrary, this is a great chance to get creative and plan something special. For example, you could schedule a weekly pizza party that’s bound to get your coworkers excited. You could even include a happy hour where each employee can make themselves a cocktail and drink as a team. However, be careful not to go overboard on the alcohol!


Hopefully, you found these tips on how to not feel lonely helpful in your pursuit of connection. Undoubtedly, your coworkers will thank you for taking the initiative and giving their days a taste of the old “normal.”