How to Prepare Yourself for a Post-Pandemic World

By Bells Zhai

It has been over a year since COVID-19 changed the world. We don’t know when the pandemic will be over, but eventually, it will be conquered someday and you need to be prepared for an active and normal post-pandemic world. Here are the aspects you need to look out for this transition.

Make Your Plan in Advance for the Post-Pandemic World

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No matter if you are still studying in school or if you have already started your professional career for some time, it is always important to make a plan for your next steps in advance. As a graduate student, personally, I can confirm that school life has changed substantially due to the lockdown. All lectures are online and there’s barely any chance to get to know new people from or outside school. Entertainment-wise also went downhill. And as the graduation date is creeping closer, the pressure for finding job opportunities is also very heavy.

To be ready to graduate successfully and secure your ideal job, it’s wise to make a plan every couple of months. Think about what do you want to achieve and when do you absolutely have to achieve that. If the job market is not looking optimistic for you, maybe it would be a good idea to slow down the pace of your study and find an internship or working student job to accumulate working experience and to support yourself at the same time. With more practical experience, it will be easier for you to find a real job once you graduate.

And if you have started your professional career or have your own business for some time, you should also reflect on your work during the pandemic. Think about if the industry you are working in performed satisfactorily in the presence of the pandemic. Make new strategies for your business. If not, you might want to turn to a new industry that has a promising future. Or if you are lucky, you have a great passion for your work and your industry, you should also take the time to think about what kind of skill set you will need to possess in the post-pandemic world and start to make your preparation.

Improve & Discipline Yourself

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Speak of getting ready to gain new skills, in fact, there will be no better time to do that. The pandemic unintentionally created so much more spare time or flexibility for most people. If you have been studying online or working from home, you know what I am talking about. On the one hand, there’s always a handful of time at your disposal. You can use the spare time to learn new skills that might become handy or necessary in the future. Learn new languages, so that you can speak them during your next international travel or have a better chance to get a job in a foreign country. Or you can use the time to develop some light-hearted hobbies, like learn how to paint or how to play an instrument. There are so many new things waiting for you to explore.

On the other hand, life could lack a form of structure and discipline since the pandemic. When you can learn your course in the format of recorded video, it is very hard to get up early in the morning and maintain that school schedule. So to be prepared for re-entering the normal world, it is important to start rebuilding your old routines or habits. Restart your workout routine, stop waking up so late every day and eat take-out food all the time. If you are stuck indoors, do some yoga and meditation to maintain a healthy body and mind. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the busy world once the pandemic is over. Because it will be very much exciting but also very strength consuming.

Stay Alerted for New Trend or Policies & Keep Communication Strong

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Numbers and statistics are your new friend. Pay attention to news about new policies, new trends of the pandemic and analyze their impact. The policies are tightly connected with the pandemic situation, which influences the world’s economy. With the vaccine plan taking into place, we can expect that the world’s economy will warm up slowly. More business will reopen, more job opportunities will be generated. So always be aware of the market dynamics so that you won’t miss the great opportunity for your future career or business development.

What equally significant is to keep the communication strong. Even if you are working or studying from home, do not reduce communication with your colleagues or classmates. They are the sources from which you can get important information. So, be active and try to arrange some online meetings with them, have a chat with them and I am sure you will gain some useful information from every conversation you have with the others. Maintaining communication is also important for you to rejoin the real world. Once the lockdown is lifted and everyone got vaccinated, people will return to the office. Do not be ignorant until that day comes, be attentive and friendly to the people in your network, it will help you transit smoothly back to the post-pandemic world.


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