How to Successfully Manage Your Team Remotely

One of the greatest challenges faced in transitioning to remote work is team management. The traditional office management practices and the possibility to have a short meeting at almost any time have evaporated. To successfully manage your team to be the best it can be, you must adapt as a remote manager.

Successfully manage

The first principle is setting clear borders on the work you expect. In an office setting with clear set work schedules and fewer distractions in some cases, it can be easier to for you to assign specific responsibilities. The manager must remember about all of the workers and assign jobs according to their schedules so that jobs are done. Furthermore, the manager should always know the approximate time a job should take. Of course, many have heard the stories of the workers that finished the Excel data entry jobs in 5 minutes and spent 7:55 minutes in social media. Evading such time losses helps to successfully manage your team for instance.

The second principle is cooperation. In a remote workspace, the spirit of cooperation can wilt quite easily. To manage this you should explain to your employees who to ask for help for various issues. For example, the phone number for the IT department should be available for everybody as the employees won’t be able to fulfill their responsibilities in the event of a software breakdown. As a remote business grows you should always ensure that there are weekly or biweekly meetings to spread information. In fact, it is important to realize that information about the company should be widespread.

To successfully manage your team remotely you must ensure that they communicate with each other and are fully aware of their responsibilities. By doing that, coupled with supporting your team’s ambition, the remote transition will be quite stable.