How to transform your passion into a profession?

By Imane Mdarhri

When we were kids, we all heard the famous question, “What is your dream job?”. As we grow up, we learn that dreams may not come true, and being a professional artist, a writer, or a fashion icon still an excitable aim for a kid but unfortunately not for an adult. Yet history and life keep show us examples of enthusiasm, fight, and unbroken ambition throughout success stories and inventions.

For example, we can mention Steve Harvey, a successful businessman, and entertainer. Throughout interviews, he always mentioned the story of a teacher and explained how she mocked him when he once said: “My dream is to be on TV”. 

There is also J.K Rowling. Her family had regularly blamed her overactive imagination before she became a legendary writer and her first book, Harry Potter.

Another icon called Howard Schultz. In an interview talking about his life, he says: “Growing up, I always felt like I was living on the other side of the tracks. I knew the people on the other side had more resources, more money, happier families.”. That man now owns the coffee empire, Starbucks.

The good news is that making your dreams come true is possible! Here it is how to transform your passion into a profession.


This term does not necessarily mean money, being poor with no capacity for investment, or being rich with the possibility to buy everything it doesn’t mean failure or success.

The budget of success is time management and its capital is how you spend it. Using your time to read, to study hard, and to develop your skills is the biggest investment. The key idea is how to invest your time and discover what you really want. In other words, the job of your passion.

As a piece of advice, “Do not ignore the passion that burns in you. Spend time to discover your gift.” (Steve Harvey)


In a competitive environment, building a strong professional career could be stressful. Sometimes success can take months, years, just if we are lucky a few days. In general, working on big projects requires fight, conviction, and persistence in challenging moments.


At some point, it is necessary to know what you want from life even it is not usually easy. Sometimes your dream job sounds impossible, but if you give yourselves the chance to plan it and to make things clear, it could work. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Dreams could be unique. Even so, it is still possible to share the same vision with others. Making your passion a worthful business may require advanced skills or complex necessities and possess all those requirements can block you. Here it is why   integrating yourself in the social life and expending your community can help you to achieve your goal.


Inspiration can be perfect to push you out of the comfort zone; either, via social media, success-story books, or talk shows like TED talk.

However, sometimes a lesson comes from the simplistic thing in life.

While, watching the Salmon swimming against the flow or maybe seeing how beautiful flowers “Dandelion” can bloom in an icy mountain it makes us think, “Should I give up?”, “Is it the right decision?”. Chasing your dreams in a phase of your lives could be risky but the essential is to never give up on dreaming.

To sum up, be clever in your choices, be strong in front of obstacles, and be open to changes. This is how you will transform your passion into a profession and live your dream job.