How to Write and Structure Impactful Emails – Marketing

Everybody knows that emails are the core of today’s business. At a typical office job, the workday starts by checking your mailbox, replying to emails by order of priority, and then informing other people by email about the emails you sent to other people. Therefore it is very important to structure impactful emails correctly so that they don’t get lost or just neglected in people’s busy inboxes.

The first thing you should pay attention to is your title. You should make it more noticeable by directly referring to the subject matter. If you are writing an email to a business you should have a compelling reason for it. You must prove that you are not wasting their time with spam if you offer services or products of any kind. Do Your Research. If your product or service is needed by the company mention that in the introduction or the title. If you are sending emails to businesses that do not need your services, it means you are doing something wrong.

Secondly, make your email concise. That is pretty much the Golden rule. Nobody has time to waste reading meaningless text. To structure impactful emails you must say only the information that is needed. If your reader has to skim through your email for the information, you will leave a bad impression. Short concise emails say to the reader that you care about their time. There should be very few emails longer than 150 words.

In conclusion. Whenever you write an email think it through. Make sure that the title and the few first sentences are relevant to the reader. Make sure that there is nothing you can cut from the text without removing important information. Also, include your phone number in your signature. Now go and write some quality emails!