by Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Inspiration at its core is us being mentally and emotionally Stimulated to act on something it can be to act on a task or especially to get involved in the creative process.

So, often we expect that inspiration is just going to pop up and smack us in the face. That does happen sometimes and when it does, I encourage you to write those ideas down because they’re Fleeting and they will leave us as quickly as they came. However, in most cases inspiration takes work. It takes defined action and an idea of what it is that you want to go after to become inspired about something. It is that excitement and electricity and when you put in that work, then it helps you drive results.

So here are some specific actions that you can take to inspire yourself and others as well.

First is to teach people.

Teaching people Specific skills help to grow them and groom them and bring them along with you. Help them level up and the more you grow people the more valuable you become as a leader because then they get excited about growing.

They get excited about the tasks that are right there in front of them, they become more productive and when they’re more productive the business sees better results and when we see better results that is inspiring to everyone it’s inspiring to your immediate team and the people around you.

The second is to be Consistent

Being Consistent at whatever it is that you’re doing. When you’re consistent at performing a task then you get to where you produce better quality. You get to where that task becomes more precise. You know people want to follow other people that are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. That is leading by example.

That’s you as their leader. When they see you winning and achieving better results. They’re going to want to push and strive to do the same thing and that is inspiring.

The third thing is to do good work.

Good work Creates quality, as I mentioned before it comes from consistency. Consistency comes from being passionate about something and passion comes from being inspired. So, you see how all this walks hand-in-hand?

So, the lines become blurred on how it is that you’re inspiring other people. Does it simply happen because you’re fired up and you’re inspired and you’re fuelling your passion? It’s hard not to be inspired by watching somebody who is passionate about their work.

Now I’m going to give you a bonus right now on how to inspire others as a leader. You have to walk the talk you have to do what you say. action towards each thing that you say you’re going to do and when you do that, that action gets turned into inspired action. Because as I mentioned before you get fuelled you get fired up you get excited about what it is that you’re doing and your team is doing.

So those are my three tips today on how to inspire others first. You got to be inspired.

So, as I mentioned teach others be consistent and do-good work and then the bonus tip make sure you walk the talk.