International opportunities in ICT

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

Information & Communication Technology is a broad sector that imposes its presence in various sectors.

It needs essential expertise in the world of business and project management.

This can drive leaders and entrepreneurs to get interested in webinars & training to discover ICT industry potentials and attain further opportunities.

The term (ICT) is a convergence of audio-visual, networking, and computing. Its concepts keep evolving and developing, especially, areas like data sciences, cloud technology, Robotics, and Fin-tech.

At LSBC, One of the most important challenges.

we promote and foster European IT solutions against the IT solutions that are emancipating Europe from the big tech from USA China and so on.

In the current circumstances, we maintain our efforts to support business professionals to readjust their managerial strategies; in collaboration with our partners.

EU Initiatives in ICT Sector

EU initiatives for collaborating between Slovenia and Luxembourg with special focus on 5G networks and Cyber Security. There has been a lot of discussion between Slovenia and Luxembourg, several initiatives concerning three main areas

  1. In the domain of Blockchain.
  2. In the domain of infrachain.
  3. Luxembourg/Slovenian government digitalization

Roland Streber, the Honorary counsel of Slovenia in Luxembourg and CEO of Pro New Tech. He mentioned have already taken steps to establish the safest and trusted sources for data storage and cloud services.

Moreover, they have installed Data centers at the levels of TIER 3, TIER 4 infrastructures in Luxembourg. for governmental files and Data.

We have also planned future EU initiatives to connect the European market and make Luxembourg as the EU capital of ICT.

5G Technology Innovation and strategy

Furthermore, the counsel, as the CEO of ProNewTech consulting, underlined the promotion of the 5G technology in Grand Duchy market.

“we are doing environmental authorizations for base stations here in Luxembourg for three of the major competitors who have started their 5g deployment”.

He also mentioned that First tests have been realized during last year in Luxembourg city.

Now the operators are starting to deploy their network.

They have chosen their technology partners who are implementing their infrastructure right now.

Currently in Luxembourg we are working towards an uprunning network from different operators as well as the incumbent of the challengers of this market ; at least four future competitors, as this domain will attract worldwide investors.

So 5G is the new modern technology and I think the intention to have a number of initiatives in this fields like tele-medicine. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic where health & safety is a priority.

For example in Luxembourg, we have started the initiative of Telemedicine.

Now the patients are not obliged to take the risk of going to hospitals or infected areas.

Communication in the COVID-19 crisis

Communication via new tools is important, but for this we are all aware that we have to wait for the new infrastructure.


In the Light of 5G, He also talked about the cybersecurity threats that are seen very commonly now by everyone.

some of the examples include Cambridge Analytica, the data used by Facebook.

There are countries like china and USA that are behind most of the cyber technologies which cannot be trusted easily.

It’s very important to protect the communication as a banking country for that we really need to focus on the developing our data centers.