Meet the face behind #2 – Tomaž Kokot, CEO FlawlessCode

One of our LSBC members, FlawlessCode is an IT company with a small valuable team based in Maribor and founded in 2009. FlawlessCode offers IT solutions for various platforms and can solve any problems, we believe! They offer high-quality standards and put a big effort into testing.

Continue reading to know more about the company by the brief interview with Tomaž Kokot, the Chief executive officer at FlawlessCode.

Need for testing every idea and confronting it at the international market. Learn about the mindset that stands behind FlawlessCode!

At the FlawlessCode website, we can read „how careful planning and testing of your IT solutions are an integral part of our development process”. Would you agree that not only an innovative idea but also scrupulous testing it, is the key to offer the best possible solution?

  • Yes, indeed. Everyone has ideas, big or small, but it is the execution that matters most. And scrupulous testing is necessary for the execution to have the desired effect.

FlawlessCode team has participated in IT Days in Luxembourg? What kind of opportunity gives events like that for your company?

  • It allows us to prove, that even a relatively less-known area such as Slovenia, can have software companies with big contractors behind them. And as such shouldn’t be glossed over.

What “transformation via positive digitalization”, the mission statement of IT Days 2018, means to you?

  • We transform it to be faster and with positive digitalization we reduce cost. Each data is online and it can be reached with just one click.

FlawlessCode works on mobile, web and desktop applications, programming of industrial robots, as well as design. Is there any particular field that you would like to develop in addition to that?

  • Internally we’re always expanding to new emerging fields in the world of software development. We’re equally looking forward to all of them becoming part of our repertoire.

How do you see the position of Slovenia if it is going about international programming business?

  • Slovenia is very good located. We are just a few hours away from big markets such as: Germany, Italy, Belgia, France. We are often in live contact with all of our partners.