From Social Media Intern to Content Manager: Susith Nonis

By Silvia SALA

It was a late spring evening when we set a friendly interview with Susith Nonis, one of our former interns. Luckily for us, he agreed to take some time to share with us his internship experience and how working with our organization helped him in his career path. Let’s find out what he told us.

1.What did you study at the university?

I am still studying Computer Engineering at the University of Vilnius. I will finish my Bachelor’s in June.

2.What is your current job position?

I have been working as Content Manager at Monovm for almost 2 years. My role involves mainly the preparation and uploading of digital content to the Internet in the form of text, graphics, and videos.

3.When and why did you decide to join the Luxembourg-Slovenian Business Club?

Back in 2018, I wanted to get some experience during my first year of studies. I searched and found this opportunity in LSBC as a Social Media Intern. Since I have a friend who told me about Slovenia and its beautiful panoramas and I was looking forward to visiting that place for a long time, that offer looked perfect. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the real meaning of Remote Work, so I moved to Slovenia and just later found out that I could work from home.

4.What were your role and tasks?

Mainly I worked with Social Media accounts, I managed the website and worked with SEO, in order to maintain and fix occasional mistakes.

5.How would you describe your experience with LSBC?

It was a great time. Every intern was actually living in Ljubljana at that period, so we met with each other and did meetings with Natasa as well, at least once a month.

Working here helped me a lot to challenge myself and find out what it means to work in Europe (N. B. he’s from Sri Lanka).

Also, Natasa and Iztok left us interns the freedom to discover, try new things, and likewise tasks from different departments. They sometimes took us along to meet some of their clients and participate in some business meetings. That flexibility permitted me to learn and get a bigger picture of LSBC and its business.

6.After this internship, did you decide to follow the career you started at LSBC? If so, why?

Not really. I am still working in digital marketing, but I am not sure if I want to pursue my path as Engineer after my Bachelor’s and go to the technical side of the job, or remain in the more creative one. What I can say is that I like to work where I am now and I see a lot of potential for my future.

7.Would you say that this internship helped you?

Yes, definitely. This internship taught me the basics of this field and opened me many doors after it. Thanks to this experience as a Social Media Intern I achieved my current job position.

8.What did you learn during your internship that made this experience really valuable?

When working with LSBC the key factor was the work environment. There was no internal drama, which I have seen in other companies. Here at LSBC, we worked together to reach our goals, and everyone was always ready to do his part.

If you are an intern here, my biggest suggestion is not to be afraid and ask to try whatever you are interested in. Natasa and Iztok are very nice and always ready to let you discover yourself.

Thank you for the interview Susith, we are always happy when we get the chance to chat with our former interns.

We wish you all the best in your future!