Interview with Karla Grkovic: the Immersion of a Law Student in the HR field

By Millena Kapamann

As we continue our series of interviews with former interns: meet today Karla Grkovic, one of the LSBC human resources intern who collaborates a few months ago. Through this interview, you may learn more from her experience but also upcoming in her chosen field.

1 – Interview classic: can we have some clarifications about your background, please? what are you studying at university, why did you choose these studies?

Hi, first of all, thank you for doing this interview with me.
Regarding my background, I studied law at the faculty of Zagreb.
I chose these studies because the law seems very interesting to me. I knew I wanted to study humanity. So, in the end, the law was the most appropriate for me.

2 – When applying for LSBC, what was your expectations? Do you feel like those expectations were met?

I expected to learn more about the HR field because it seems an intriguing field for me. I had a general idea of HR-related topic, but I did not have any experience, and because of that, I decided to apply. My expectations were definitely met. The experience there was even more than what I expected. It was a very great experience; I learn a lot about HR in general, but also from very nice people.

3 – What were your main tasks at LSBC? Did you collaborate on other projects? If so, what value can it add to your abilities?

My main tasks at LSBC included so processing the application of our candidates for various interns positions. Basically, someone will apply and, I will take care of the email correspondence with them. Then I will screw their cv and, after looking at the cv, I will decide if it is a good enough candidate for having the first interview. I will also send out the test tasks. Also, if the applier is applying for the HR area, I will review their tests. These are the basic tasks that I had.

Additionally, I did not collaborate that much on other projects besides HR ones and interview. When we made the community manager opening: we were looking for someone to fill this position. I worked on creating the job ad. However, it was pretty much it.

4 – Which advice would you give to those who want to apply for the same position? How can they easily fit into LSBC culture and environment?

For those who want to apply to the same position as me, I can say that they should go for it. If you are interested in HR, especially if you did not have any experience before, LSBC will be a good learning experience.
They will learn a lot from it and also just like the basics of how HR operate.
LSBC is a great international multicultural environment. The people are very great. It was like that when I was an intern. However, I believe that it is still like that. The interns are constantly changing but, openness and teamwork are always there.
I collaborate with very great people. There is a lot of teamwork, especially in the HR section, so I recommend the company to someone who wants to apply for a position there.

5 – Were you satisfied with your experience at LSBC? Would you recommend the company to your closed one? If so, why?

I feel satisfied with my HR experience at LSBC; I learn a lot about HR. As I said previously, I did not have any experiences as a law student at the same time. At LSBC, the HR department will allow you to learn how HR works in general.
I will recommend applying at LSBC to friend and colleagues, mainly because I had a great experience. I’m talking about the HR department but, I also believe other departments are valuable, not just for the work aspect but also for the friendly international environment. I think is it very great for anyone who is looking for personal growth. You will learn to communicate, and you will improve your English skills. It was beneficial for me, who had the chance to communicate in English constantly. That way, you can improve your English.

6 – Is there any failure you met at LSBC as an intern? What did you do to manage it? Do you feel like it was efficient?

I can’t honestly think about any particular failure. However, when I first started at the company, I believe that the tasks were slightly overwhelming. Even if my duties were not that complicated, they were all different from one another. Moreover, I had to use diverse programs and platforms I did not use before, such as some G-drive functionalities. Therefore, I have encounter challenges for this. However, as I do my daily work and as more days passed by, I just found myself getting into the routine of things. I realized, the more I gained daily practice, everything started to become more organic and come naturally for me. I don’t count those as failures, but more like mistakes, I made at the beginning. My mentor will constantly remind me:

“We don’t do it this way. However, we do it that way”.

The mentor

7 – Let’s talk about your current experience (if you have one): do you feel like what you have learned at LSBC impact your current work choices or experiences?

Well, at the moment, I am not working. Also, I am not sure either if I will pursue an HR career. I recently graduated from my law courses and studies. Therefore I think I will stay in the legal field. However, I would like to find a job that correlates with both: HR and legal aspect.

8 – Let’s talk about yourself: what are you looking for currently? How can LSBC help? (for example, if you are looking for a remote job, we can publish articles about the top 5 companies that hire in your field.)

Currently, I am looking for a job in the legal field. Also, I am not looking for remote employment. However, maybe while I’m looking for opportunities, I will try to find and catch the window for some distant legal job, but this is kind of hard to combine.