Interview with the former Intern Kateryna Maksymenko

By Imane Mdarhri and Yelda Simsek

Internships are always the best opportunities to face challenges and learn new things. Also, they are the perfect chances for self-discovery.

1. What did you study at the university and what is your position at your current workplace/organization?

 I got a degree in BBA with a specialization in Marketing, and then I pursued another degree in Fashion Management. Currently, I am preparing for a Master’s degree in Work Organizational Personal Psychology (WOPP). I am working as a Marketing Director at a Startup, which I founded in collaboration with my partners in Italy who are working in the sports and wellness industry. My tasks are all about communication and management of marketing strategies.

2. How did you hear about the LSBC Internship? What was your role at LSBC, and for how long did you work here?

I heard about the LSBC internship from a friend who was also an intern at LSBC.  She recommended  LSBC to me. When I found out more about LSBC, it made me curious and ambitious about the experience I could have and the whole business collaboration between Luxembourg and Slovenia. So, I took a step forward and applied via LinkedIn for a Four month-internship in the Social Media Department. More precisely, my role was ‘Social Media and Public Relations Intern.’

3. What were your main tasks at LSBC? Does your actual job have some similarities to these tasks?

As a Social Media Intern, I was responsible for creating content for social media platforms and maintaining weekly marketing strategies.  Apart from this, I was responsible for public relations, for which I was in charge of conducting interviews with LSBC partners. Additionally, I used to write articles for the LSBC website. 

Furthermore, as an Intern the freedom and the flexibility which I had at LSBC, allowed me to take initiatives in terms of marketing strategies as well as the content I would write. In general, this freedom enables interns to evaluate their own progress efficiency, and experience decision making roles, which is quite motivating.

“I enjoyed working on social media platforms because it is interactive and illustrates instantaneous results and feedback.”

Kateryna Maksymenko
4. Name some personal skills that LSBC helped you to achieve for your future growth?

My multitasking position offered me many opportunities to gain new skills. I developed my communication skills by applying a professional and formal discourse. I have become more open-minded and curious about discovering new things in different areas. Besides, I improved my sense of analysis and management, particularly in content management. In social media, it is important to know your audiences’ interests, analyse them, and then develop suitable as well as attractive content. This helped me become selective, subjective, and practical.

5. Your role was mainly about communication and networking. From your perspective, how can we define a good publicity or marketing strategy?

From my perspective, a good marketing strategy is an approach based on the right analysis of the audience in order to target market characteristics which can be revealed through statistics. For example, tools like Google Analytics or a simple Questionary can be beneficial to maintain progress. In general, the efficiency of a strategy is basically related to the number of comments, sharing, and subscriptions. However, there is no definite thumb rule- it is all about your aims and goals, as well as flexibility and continuity.

6. How can you describe your experience at LSBC?

My experience at LSBC was great and interesting. Despite the virtual aspect of remote working, I had never felt disconnected. The friendly atmosphere and strong collaboration and support gave me a high sense of belonging, certainty about my choices, and plans for the future.

7. What are the essential soft-skills of a public relations manager?

Becoming a good Public Manager is all about developing interpersonal skills, which includes communication, collaboration, and leadership. Having the knowledge of psychological aspects, stress management techniques, and speech delivery could be helpful in decision making. Moreover, a public Relations manager has to master the marketing tools and aspects and uphold an open-minded spirit.

8. As 2020 was the year of changes, how can we encourage business managers and leaders to redirect towards social media platforms for marketing, and promote concepts like brand culture or remote working for team management?

Due to the current situation, remote working, for example, has become a formal way of working for large industries and sectors. From my viewpoint, redirecting towards such practices should be through a constant learning process via training, courses, and tutorials.

“Promoting new aspects always needs fundamental changes and succeeding through this challenge only comes by knowledge and understanding.”

Kateryna Maksymenko
9.  What are your plans for the next few years?

Despite the complicated worldwide economic situation, my plans are to continue working hard with my Startup, Sport&SPA. Therefore, I intend to take a professional trip to the United States in order to gain more skills and experiences. Also, I want to get deeper into Psychology and HR, which are some of the critical fields nowadays.

10. What would you want to say to the future LSBC Interns?

I recommend the future LSBC interns to step up for themselves and not hesitate to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Take this chance to learn and discover your potentials; it can be your first step toward developing a successful professional career.

“During the internship, you may not accomplish your goal, but you will definitely learn how to achieve it.”

Kateryna Maksymenko